Why is Sokhi kalo amar valo lage na from Stree an unforgettable song?

Soumitra Chattopadhyay – He looks amazing. It is uncommon to see him with a moustache and he looks best with his clean shaved look. But his poignant look in Stree with the moustache just adds more to his already soaring appeal. Top it with the clean guy image as opposite to the zamindar way of life – you have a truly irresistible hero.

Uttam Kumar – Uttam Kumar is a genius. He can make a lecherous wasting away zamindar look charismatic. As the lead as well as the negative character in Stree, he plays a zamindar who spends his time in alcohol and with lowly women. Sokhi kalo amar valo legeche!

Expressions – The expressions are another asset of this song. Right from Soumitra’s mocking expression to Uttam’s sleazy air, every expression is perfect. Even the dancing woman’s timely facial look gets the kudos. Most entertainingly, do not miss Bhanu seated behind Uttam Kumar. His looks are truly inimitable.

The song – In the screen it is Soumitra vs Uttam. Behind the screen it is Hemanta vs Manna. Isn’t it really the clash of the titans?

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Enjoy the song Sokhi kalo amar valo lage na.


The landmark film Stree was released in 1972. An outstanding cast of Uttam Kumar, Soumitra Chatterjee, Arati Bhattacharya and Bhanu Bandyopadhyay acted in this film.

Stree is one of those films that has portrayed the darker days of the zamindar in Bengal. We see this scenario towards the last part of the British rule in India.  Madhav Dutta, the zamindar was played by Uttam Kumar.

Madhav Dutta is squandering away his health, wealth and life away. Madhav is deep into alcohol and courtesans. His beautiful wife Mrinmoyee is left alone to herself.

Soumitra is Sitapati, who is absolutely the opposite to Madhav Dutta. He is educated, gracious and a gentleman. No wonder Mrinmoyee has a soft corner for him. But such alliances lead only to tragedy.

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