It was raining cats and dogs
I was, however, sleeping like a log
Suddenly I heard the doorbell clang
My beautiful dream ended with a bang!

Who might it be at this unearthly hour
Here to awaken me amidst this inclement shower!
Grudgingly I lumbered towards the door
I’ll reprimand this godforsaken soul, I swore

But when I opened the door, what do I see
It was, believe it or not, my next door neighbour Brishti!
The very sight of her made my jaw drop
If that’s not enough, she made my heart stop!

The ravishing beauty who’s every man’s desire
I had cold feet and my heart was on fire!
“Can I come in?” she said in her sensual tone
Her curvaceous body was wet to the bone!

“Sure”, I muttered, holding the door ajar
It was that moment of “so near yet so far”!
What do I do, what do I say
I thought to myself in utter dismay

Then as if by magic I found my voice
“Could I offer you some dry clothes of your choice?”
I offered her a towel to dry her hair
Was it possible there was “love in the air”?

She took the towel and gave me a smile
I imagined I was already walking down the aisle
By divine intervention I found my sister’s shorts and tees
I said “would you like to wear these please”

She nodded as she opened the bathroom door
I took a mop and proceeded to wipe the floor
She took almost a lifetime to dress
She could not fathom the extent of my stress

When she finally did come out
Spring was in the air, such was her beauty’s clout
Her long dark tresses beckoned me
I blurted “will it be tea or coffee?”

“Coffee” she said as she sat on the chair
Tossing her head without a care
My heart sang as I proceeded to brew
Could my love story be starting anew?

As I poured the boiling hot milk into the ornate coffee mugs
The heady concoction really triggered my creative bugs
I drew two hearts on the coffee with cream
Saying “Cheers, hope I realize my dream”

Two Britannia little heart cookies and I was done
I glided along feeling “had I won?”
Brishti’s smile was stronger than the caffeine
My palpitations accelerated like a well-oiled machine

Her smile allayed my fears
We clinked the mugs and said “cheers!”
She asked “how come you never talk to me?”
In a daze I said “can’t fight destiny!”

There was a stimulating silence that ensued
However, it ended up perking our mood!
We exchanged numbers of our mobile phone
At last, I thought now I’ll never be alone!

The rains had stopped, but our story has just begun
Like the beautiful rainbow and the scorching sun!
It had been the most memorable day of my life
Love blossomed and perhaps I found my future wife!

Coffee , Brishti & Me


Image credits: Shaya Rose,



I am a self confessed contest addict - my world revolves around slogans, tag lines, captions, jingles, poetry and similar creative pursuits and I've been fairly successful at this hobby of mine. I consider conforming to convention rather stifling, and would rather create a path of my own to find my "pot of gold" which for me would be cerebral happiness. Even though I've completed my bachelors in accountancy, I've chosen to be a soft skills trainer where I can make a difference to corporate employees and school-going children alike. Writing speeches (formal and informal) also gives me an adrenaline rush. You would otherwise find me at school carnivals (fetes), tennis court or sometimes the swimming pool! I firmly endorse the philosophy "my life, my rules"!