The charming forest of Chakrashila is home to the Golden Langur, one of most protected primates on planet earth. Assam is blessed with rich forests and wildlife and Chakrashila is one of them.
Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary is between the Dhubri and Kokrajhar districts. It covers a hilly area of about 4557 hectares. Dheer Beel and Diplai Beel lay on either side. These are two beautiful lakes that sustain the ecology of the region.
The climate of this wildlife sanctuary is such that it is very friendly for a large number of flora and fauna to flourish. The forest is filled with the stunning Sal and other semi-green deciduous trees. Their fallen leaves create a soft brown carpet on the ground. The sunlight that streams in through the dense forest canopy creates an out of this world environment.
First of all, the Golden Langur is the main attraction in Chakrashila. This primate is seriously endangered today and this is one of the few places where they thrive.


It is recorded that the forest is teeming with around 250 species of birds. So many different kinds of birds turn this sanctuary into an orchestra in the early morning. It is also a visual treat to the eyes when their colourful feathers jazz the place up.
Temperature is very pleasant ranging from 30 degree in summer and about 8 degree in winter. Due to this pleasant weather, many reptiles and amphibians live here.
Furthermore a reason to visit Chakrashila is the butterfly. More than 40 species of butterflies can be seen in the forest creating an ethereal experience.

91_There are towers and observation spots for you to enjoy and photograph Chakrashila’s exotic creatures. You can also see many animals here like the leopard,leopard cat, bengal fox, chinese pangolin, Asiatic jackal, Indian pipistrelle, Indian flying fox, short-tailed mole and rhesus macaque.
Chakrashila Wildlife sanctuary is one of the best spots for ornithologists and wildlife photographers.

How to go

  • Guwahati is the nearest airport. From there Chakrashila is 222 km away. You may have to rent a car from there. Buses are also available.
  • The nearest railway station is Kokrajhar. It is 6 km away from Chakrashila. Kokrajhar is the nearest town. However, you can also come at Guwahati railway station and go to Chakrashila.
  • Chakrashila is about 130 km away from Cooch behar. You can also take a route from there through a private car.
  • You can visit the sanctuary all throughout the year except the monsoons.


Where to stay

  • There is a guest house at Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary. There is also a basic forest rest house at Kokrajhar.  You have to contact the DFO Wildlife Division at Kokrajhar for accommodation booking.
  • A few hotels are also available around the area. However most of these are budget hotels.
  • Also, you should carry your own water and food inside the sanctuary. There is an eatery at the entrance of the Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • The sanctuary opens at 8 am and the exit time is 6 pm.


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