Friend: Can I borrow the novel The Count of Monte Cristo
Me: Sure.

5 months later

Me: How was the novel?? You must have read it by now. Can I have it back?
Friend: Sorry, I didn’t read the book. It’s so huge and looks so daunting that I didn’t even start it.

Now imagine my outrage when someone compared one of my all the favourite novels The Count of Monte Cristo to an accountancy book (Accountancy being my least favourite subject)!  It broke my heart to hear that someone who has not even read the novel could so easily say that they didn’t find it appealing.

Count of Monte Cristo

Another thing which this incident made me do was pen down this article listing six reasons why The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the best novels one would ever read:-

  • In spite of being a huge novel, it is not a difficult read.

Let me use an analogy to explain. A movie is 2-3 hours long, but how long is our favourite TV series (take game of Thrones)? It is approximately 60 hours (and counting) long. It sure sounds daunting but is it? No, it is absolutely not. And the reason is that every 1 hour episode tells a story, every 1 hour episode is filled with twists, turns, surprises, revelations and much more. So much so that one is never bored. One can easily binge watch the whole series in one week (talking from personal experience) because once you start watching it, it is almost impossible to stop until you finish it.

Now I am not exaggerating when I use this analogy. The Count of Monte Cristo is that good. Originally published in a serialized format, The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the most gripping and entertaining novels out there. Just like we have our TV or web series now, earlier people had serialized format in literature. Every week or so one or two chapters would come out which would have to be interesting enough to keep the readers hooked and suspenseful enough hold their interest for the upcoming chapters. As a result what we have is 1000 pages of pure awesomeness, with enough twists, turns and surprises to never let this roller coaster of a ride get boring.

  • The novel kind of has everything. It is difficult to categorize it in a particular genre.

Love story, star crossed lovers, wicked and jealous villain, politics, prison break, secret treasure, disguises, clandestine affair, illegitimate child, murder, people coming back from the dead, bandits, kidnapping and fainting women (women of that century fainted like now women pout ).

Count of Monte Cristo

  • It has the best written prison break scene. What happens when Dante is in prison and how he breaks out of it can be a whole story in itself.
  • Revenge is a dish best served cold. Dante waits and plans for years for his revenge. His plan for revenge is as elaborate as it gets.
  • How far is going too far? What happens when a man tries to play God? Can revenge ever bring satisfaction or does it end up causing more pain and sorrow? These are some of the questions tackled in this classic of Dumas. After finishing the novel one is forced to ponder upon the fact that collateral damage is inevitable in the path of revenge as no one can escape unscathed.
  • The sheer happiness one gets after finishing this book.

P.S- I love you dear friend and hope after reading this you will definitely read the novel.

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