You would find it difficult to believe but it is true. Many dinosaurs owe their name to Indians. See it for yourself!

Shuvosaurus is one of the most famous dinosaurs named after Indians. Literally meaning Shuvo’s lizard, this dinosaur’s fossils were discovered by little boy Shuvo, son of famous paleontologist Shankar Chatterjee. The nomenclature was done in his honour.

Dinosaurs shuvosaurus
Barapasaurus tagorei
Bara pa is big leg as this was truly one big-legged dinosaur.  Tagorei is in honour of Rabindranath Tagore. It was one of the earliest dino remains to be discovered in India.
Dinosaurs in india


India is never without its kings. Rajasaurus – king of lizards has a unique head crest. The Geological Survey of India excavated its remains from the Narmada valley in Gujarat and they called it the ‘princely lizard from the Narmada Valley’. You can see a skull of Rajasaurus in the Indian Museum at Kolkata.

dangerous Dinosaurs
There is the Kota sari and then there is Kotasaurus. It was an herbivorous long legged beauty. As its fossils and skeleton were found in the Kota Formation in Telegana state, thus named so.

Dinosaurs fossils in India
The Ramayan tells us of scary monsters that Ram, Lakshman and Sita had to face in the dreaded Dandak forest. Found around that region the Dandakaranya lizard remains have been named as the Dandakosaurus by paleontologists. Those legends were true after all!

Dinosaurs jurassic park india


Jainosaur was a really gigantic lizard that walked on earth. The nomenclature is to honour paleontologist Sohan Lal Jain. For those wondering if Jainosaurus was a vegetarian, the answer is yes!

Dinosaurs herbivore
Found close to the town of Jaklapalli, this herbivore dinosaur lived in the Triassic phase, that is the last period of the dinosaur era.
Dinosaurs cute
Meet the gem from Jabalpur. Standing at only 0.5 metres, it was a small dinosaur. But don’t be fooled by its name or cuteness, it loved non-vegetarian food and that makes you its delicious dish!

Dinosaurs india
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