Would you like to go for a break and come back all refreshed after bathing in a natural hot water spring? Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary is the dream destination for tourists.

Assam has some of the most amazing destinations not only for national but also for international tourists. Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary stands apart as one of them.
A vacation should refresh you, rejuvenate you. Furthermore you must come back with new stories to tell. New experiences to remember. Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary is the place for this.

97_1Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary is a basically a small one with an area of 6.05 square kilometer only. Yet it has a lot of stuff for a tourist. It is one of India’s oldest sanctuaries. As the name says, Garampani is a hotspot with several hot water springs and waterfalls.
Hot water springs are a valuable resource of nature because the water is rich with minerals and medicinal properties. Taking a dip cures all skin problems and will impart a rich and young glow to your skin. At Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary, you must surely take a dip in the hot waters to refresh and revitalize yourself. There is a place especially for tourists to take a plunge into the warm waters.

97_5Animals frequently visit these hot water springs. This makes the springs a great spotting area. First of all the famous Hoolock gibbon lives in Garampani and these can be well spotted here. You can also see the Golden langoor in the forest.
Plus this place is teeming with wildlife. This is the habitat for tiger, leopard, rare clouded leopard,  Barking deer, elephants, Pygmy dogs, languor and various wild cats. Also we can see the Indian Fox, Chinese Pangolin, Rhesus Macaque with many reptiles like the Black Indian cobra, python, monitor lizard, Krait and Russell Viper. A 15-foot snake was found here in 1997.

97_4It is also home to the beautiful Himalayan Black Bear. Also called the moon bear as it has a white moon-like mark on its chest.
The forest is filled with thousands of birds like hornbill, eagle and kingfisher among many. Birds like warm water for bathing and so Garampani makes an ideal home for them. Due to the hot water springs, migratory birds also come back year after year.
Furthermore, hundreds of exotic and rare flowers and plants are found the sanctuary. Rare orchids fill the forest.
So pack your bags with your camera for Garampani. Jump into a natural spa. Have the experience of a lifetime.


How to go

  • Jorhat airport is 85 km away from Garampani. You can easily get a flight from Delhi, Kolkata and other metro cities.  Dimapur airport is however only 55 km away but flights could be lesser.
  • By road – Guwahati is a 7 hour drive through NH 39 and the distance is around 330 km. Diphu is 92 km and Kaziranga 45 km away.
  • Golaghat is 25 km away which makes it the nearest town. From there you will get cars and buses to reach Garampani wildlife sanctuary.
  • By train you can get down at Furkating. This is only 20 km away or you can hire a car or take a public transport to reach Garampani.
  • The best time to visit is November to April when you can also see the migratory birds. Avoid the rainy season.
  • Garampani is surrounded by the Nambor Sanctuary and within 10 km you can reach this place as well.

Where to stay
There are a few lodges to stay in Garampani. all are maintained by the Assam Tourism at Kohora. You can contact here for any queries – Divisional Forest Officer, Karbi Anglong East Division, Diphu.


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