Is it true that prayers work?
In 2014, a study  was conducted on 1,134 doctors and physicians by Health Care Direct Research asking them about the efficacy of prayer. 70% of the doctors replied in the affirmative saying that prayer power and miracles are possible.

Prof. Malt Friese and Michaela Wanke published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology evidence showing how and why prayer increases one’s capability towards endurance and energy. Their ‘strength model’ research shows how prayers keeps our cognitive resources running stronger in addition to our physical resources, in other words prayer is like a boost-up for life.

prayers studyAll around the world, it is estimated that at least 191 studies have been or are being carried out on the subject of healing on the basis of the power of prayers. In a research conducted by Mid America Heart Institute by Dr. William Harris with reluctant cardiologist Dr. James O’Keefe, they tested if prayer could do anything at all. To do away with placebo, they kept the experiment unknown to the 1,000 heart patients and studied them for one year. They observed that the patients for whom they had assigned volunteers to pray had 11% less heart attacks and strokes than the others.

In yet another report, study at San Francisco General Hospital made a record on the result of prayer on 393 cardiac patients. The half of the patients were prayed for – results were less complication, lower rates of pneumonia and required less treatment.

prayers healingAre these test results pointing out to a greater truth that we do not see or rather, our programmed minds do not want to see?

Dr. Deepak Choprahas has always said that there are healing forces in nature that science is only beginning to understand.

The great nurse who saved the lives of many soldiers, Florence Nightingale, herself was a believer in the effects of prayer. She has been quoted as saying-

Often when people seem unconscious, a word of prayer reaches them.

prayers to divineMost scientists or doctors do not believe in prayer as healing tools because it is ‘not plausible’ or it something they cannot explain by the logical brain.

However conducting a study on prayer power is a difficult task considering the innumerable parameters of the culture, religion and the degree of a patient’s medical complication put with their daily lifestyle. How does one measure reverence and purity of intention?

Scientists call these factors as ‘prayer aptitude levels’. The good news is that they have found that just like an ability or skill flourishes with practice, so does the aptitude for healing by prayer gets better with time. It has also been observed that praying the rosary or by chanting mantras the biorhythms significantly change and cause spontaneous healing.

prayers powerIn a recent study on Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) participants, the ones who recited prayers had greater power over themselves and they reported that their alcohol cravings had gone down. Scientists further monitored that there were changes in the prefrontal cortex which led them to improve on their  emotional activity and their attention.

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