A pair of old jeans that is lying unused is adventure ahead. The jeans fabric is very sturdy and usable and with some imagination you can utilize it to make your own things.  Depending on your craft skills and will to do something exciting, you can create stuff with your used jeans which you otherwise might have purchased. It is kind of fun to see your old or tight jeans to come to life without giving it away.

Cushion cover
The best thing about the jeans is that it is a long lasting fabric. So no worries about rough uses. Even after having multiple washes, jeans retains its colour and sturdiness. It is ideal to turn your old jeans into a cover for your outdoor cushion. Not only does it resist the sunlight and dirt, it also adds a fresh look to your place.

old jeans cover

Denim pouch
Quick way to have your own stylish pouch. It is as simple as it gets. Just cut off a portion from the old jeans. sew one side and voila. Why should you splurge your valuable money when you have your own cool pouch. You can also jazz it up with buttons, ribbons or anything that suits your style.

old jeans pouch


An inexpensive and impressive way to amaze your colleagues. This is also easy to make and is quite durable. It makes a great bag for a casual outing. You can also sew in a pair of zippers.

old jeans reuse


A perfect weekend project. It is very simple to make. The best part is that it can be made from leftover fabric also. One old jeans can be made into multiple things. With a good finish, this wallet will look as good as store bought.

old jeans DIY wallet

Hanging mobile charger bags

Useful and clever. This is probably something that everyone needs.

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old jeans recycle

Image credits: www.makeit-loveit.com, curlymade.blogspot.in, www.pinterest.com, theresekerr.com