Who would not love a chilled refreshing drink in these hot summer days? These summer drinks are delicious, good for the body and easy to prepare. These non alcoholic drinks will help you keep hydrated and keep you going healthy in this season.

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Cooling Fruit Drinks For The Summers

healthy refreshing Indian summer drinks with recipes

Daab or Tender Coconut water

Daab or tender coconut water is one of the best, healthiest and easiest summer drinks available to beat the Indian heat. The humble Daab water has a ton of benefits, ask any doctor. It can be consumed all through the year but it is during the summer season that it becomes a live saver. Make a habit of sipping one daily. Not only will it prevent you from getting dehydrated but also keep your skin glowing and digestion perfect.

healthy Indian summer drinks daab tender coconut

Coconut Water

Just like daab, the ripened coconut water is also very beneficial. It has multiple nutrients that are beneficial for the body.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna is one of those summer drinks that makes many of us salivate. Made of tender green mangoes, it is an assortment of many tastes like sweet, sour and salty. It helps us beat the heat and helps to maintain the pH of the body.

It is available in the market as a concentrate but homemade aam panna is definitely better. To make at home take a green unripe mango, cut off the stalk and keep it in water for about an hour. Then pat it dry and take half a teaspoon of mustard oil and rub on it evenly. Take a mesh and roast it on low to medium flame for about ten minutes. Keep it turning so that it is done evenly on all sides. After the mango skin turns light brown, cool it and then take the skin apart. Mash the mango well and throw away the seed. In the pulp add sugar (depends upon the sourness of the mango), black salt (kaala namak) as per taste and roasted cumin powder (1 tsp). Add 1 litre of chilled water to it and mix it well. You can add more water to it, adjust the sugar and salt accordingly. Serve it with ice cubes.

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Sugarcane Juice

Another lifesaver to beat the Indian heat, sugarcane juice is commonly sold across the country. A far more healthy option than carbonated cold drinks, people in villages have been consuming it for thousands of years to prevent sunstroke and dehydration.

If you have a good juicer, buy sugarcane stalks cut into smaller pieces. Drain the juice and have it fresh.

Nimbu Paani Or Lemonade

Nimbu Paani beats any cold drink hands down in taste and benefit. Just make sure you have it from a seller who makes it hygienically.

It is one of the easiest summer drinks to make. Drain the juice of one lemon in a glass, add half teaspoon sugar (or as per taste), half teaspoon of table salt or black salt (kaala namak). Pour chilled water and ice cubes and beat the heat. A glass of lemonade everyday during the summers will keep you healthy.

Here is a video that shows another delicious nimbu paani recipe.

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon is one of the tastiest fruits on our plate as well as the healthiest. It also makes one of the most relaxing summer drinks.

refreshing Indian summer drinks watermelon

One method to make watermelon juice drink for the summers is to simply remove the black seeds and blend it. Chill this mixture, add sugar if you like it sweeter. Serve this thick and smooth drink with ice cubes.

Another variation is to deseed and then drain it through a strainer or net. Strain it well so that you get the most out of it. A little solid pulp remains unstrained while you get a nice smooth juice. Add a littl sugar and chill. Serve with ice cubes. A tip – you can also have the leftover pulp with sugar or honey as it is full of nutrients and fiber.

Grape juice

Run the grapes through a juicer. In the juice mix a little sugar (as per your taste) and a pinch of black salt. Add crushed ice cubes in a glass till three fourth full and add the grape juice.

Litchi Juice

Litchi is another fruit for which we wait for the summers. A refreshing litchi juice is easy to make. Just take the pulp of the fruit, run it in a blender and add the taste makers of your choice. Here is an easy video of homemade litchi juice.

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More Refreshing Summer Drinks

Bel sharbat/smoothie

Bel or wood apple makes one of the healthiest summer drinks. Consuming Bel in the hot season is a boon for the body. It has too many benefits and nutrients that keep the body healthy from your digestion, hair, skin, prevents and provides relief in many disorders.

A tasty way to make Bel sharbat is to make a thick smoothie out of it. Scoop out the pulp of the wood apple using a spoon. In a bowl pour half a litre of water and add the pulp. Using your hand, crush the pulp well. As it softens, mash the pulp so that the fibers start to come out loose. Throw away the fiber and seeds. If required use a big strainer to separate the pulp. Add more water if required.

In the pulp add 5 to 6 teaspoon of milk powder and four teaspoons of powdered sugar or more as per taste. Adjust the consistency by adding water if you do not want it too thick. Chill the mixture in the refrigerator for an hour or two. Serve this healthy and delicious summer smoothie to your family.

Sattu Sharbat

The humble sattu sharbat is a favourite among manual labourers. It is filling, tastes great and extremely healthy. In fact, it could be the most convenient of all summer drinks.

Here are two versions of the Sattu sharbat. Have it your way, sweet or salty.

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Paan Sharbat

This is a must try for paan lovers. Easy to make this, this betel leaf sharbat is a great mouth freshener and aids in digestion.

Buttermilk (Chaas)

A lighter version of the lassi, this is one of those summer drinks consumed across India.


Who does not know about the ubiquitous lassi? Lassi can be made in the traditional as well as in various other flavours. See all the flavours here.

Jal Jeera

Originally a popular drink in North India, jal jeera powder is available throughout Indian stores. When you need a quick drink to beat the summer heat, take a glass of chilled water and add a packet of jal jeera.

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Milk Shakes with vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream does wonders in making our own thick milk shakes. These shakes just take a minute to prepare and not only are these refreshing summer drinks but are also filling. Here are five quick recipes of thick milk shakes.

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Some Non Alcoholic Summer Drinks 

Masala Coke

Although freshly prepared drinks were healthier options, here is one drink that is made from coke which is very easy to make. Masala coke is a great appetizer and also aids in digestion. It tastes great and anyone can make it under a minute.

Iced Tea

Have you ever tried iced tea at home?

Cold Coffee

Now it is coffee’s turn to make our summers wonderful. Just take half glass of chilled milk, ice cubes, one teaspoon of coffee powder (or a little more if you like strong coffee). Add powdered sugar and two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Run all of this in a blender for 20 seconds. Pour it on you glass, top it with some ice cream and some chocolate syrup or coffee powder.

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Cucumber Mocktail

There is no need to say that having a cucumber in the hot season is great for our health. Here is a tasty cucumber mocktail flavoured with mint and honey.

Green cooler

Do you love kiwis? Here is a very healthy cooling drink with kiwis, mint and khus.

Want some more mocktails? Here are some more summer drinks – Strawberry Sharbat , Kiwi Mojito,  Black Grape Soda, Orange Mocktail and Mango Smoothie.

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