It is possible to create a beautiful and attractive interior using only eco friendly home decor. These materials are affordable, natural, good for your health and bio degradable.

Here are those materials that would jazz up your home and also make the earth happy.

Eco Friendly Home Decor Materials and Products 


The tallest member of the grass family is one of the most sustainable and practical products in the world. Engineers and architects are using bamboo to construct even skyscrapers because of its resistance to earthquake and hurricane. It is easily available, easy to grow, cheap, stronger than hardwood and insect resistant.

Eco Friendly Home Decor made of bamboo
Get Bamboo lamp shades here

Bamboo is also popularly used for eco friendly home decor, right from sofas to swing chairs. As bamboo hardly requires any maintenance and looks very natural, it is getting worldwide attention. Bed, kitchen utensil, straw, water bottle, mats, lamp shade, iPhone holder and what not – bamboo can be of multiple utility.

Bamboo furniture is also superior than most hardwood. Bamboo has a strong nature fibre with a natural wax and shine. This makes it harder, insect resistant, does not require paint and can have a longer life than most wood.

Bamboo has a nice homely feel and after use, it can be discarded guilt free because of its bio-degradable quality.

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Organic Cotton

Looking for some nice curtains for your window. Go for organic cotton.

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for the human body but unfortunately many growers use a high amount of chemical pesticides and hybrid crops, which pollute the land and water and also affect the health of the wearer. Hence the trend for organic cotton.

Eco Friendly Home Decor made of organic cotton
Organic cotton curtains

Most of the organic cotton is grown in India and in South East Asia. Organic cotton simply means good old cotton grown in good old ways. Natural, no hybrids. Manure and cow dung is used as fertilizer.

Organic cotton the most skin friendly and comfortable fabrics for your eco friendly home decor. Use cotton for your bed linen, curtain, sofa covers and mats. If you really care about your skin and do not want chemicals seeping after a wash, use face cloth and towels made of organic cotton only.

Use organic cotton linen for your home. It looks classy and will create an aura of relaxedness in your home.

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Reclaimed wood

Most of us do not know that a lot of beautiful knick knacks and furniture can be, and are made from reclaimed wood. Wood is called reclaimed when it is processed after its original use and recreated in different forms.

Eco Friendly Home Decor furniture of reclaimed wood
Reclaimed wooden chairs

Reclaimed wood can bring a different look to your home. It can be used to jazz up your wall, floor and window panes. Get a classy looking lounge chair made of reclaimed wood, but due to its processing, look and high demand you may have to pay more.

Mirrors, photo frames, shelves that are made from reclaimed wood give a nice rustic but sophisticated touch to your eco friendly home decor.


One of the most commonly available sustainable products found in India, jute is getting a great reputation worldwide. Not only is jute used as bags and ropes, it is popular as a eco friendly home decor creation.

Eco Friendly Home Decor made of jute
Beautiful table runner created with jute and lace

Jute is woven into gorgeous table runners, mats, lamp shades and utility covers. Jute can be easily quilled to make amazing designs. As jute is getting a makeover, pep up your house with some beautiful jute creations. It is affordable, it has a long life and keeps the environment of your home and the world healthy.

Recycled Polyester

If you care about the planet, never buy anything made of polyester again. But if it says recycled polyester, go for it.

Polyester is a man made synthetic fabric made from petroleum products. Very commonly used for fabrics, and one of the worst pollutants on earth.

However recycled polyester is different. When we discard the PET water bottles, it is sterilized and upcycled to make fine fabric threads. It is then woven into clothes which are as good as polyester in use but a hundred times better than it. Not only does it reduce plastic waster but also requires less energy.

Eco Friendly Home Decor made of recycled polyester
Lush and luxurious stool top and rug made of recycled polyester

You can get beautifully coloured fabric for your home made of recycled polyester. You may be using a dress, jacket or t-shirt of this material right now. Sports brand Adidas is making shoes and other products with it.

Get dashing sofa and duvet covers, curtains and table covers of this fabric. It lasts long and even after use, can be recycled again. It is the perfect material for outdoor use.

Stuff your pillows and cushions with recycled polyester. You can get affordable yet stunning, lush and soft carpets and rugs.


Felt is a byproduct of wool, therefore making it a safe material for eco friendly home decor. Felt can be of many qualities, being 100% wool to mixed with other materials. Felt is generally considered a very sustainable and biodegradable material.

Eco Friendly Home Decor made of felt
Attractive eco friendly rug made of felt pompoms

One of the most common uses of felt is for creating gorgeous home decor. It can be cut and stitched and can come in all hues. It can shaped into a lampshade, flower vase, pompoms and wall hangers. Use felt to decorate your home and you will also do Mother Earth a favour.

The World Is Shifting To Ethical Home Decor 

As the environment of the world is changing fast, people are also recognizing the need of the hour. We need to use products that sound right. It needs to be ethical – sustainable, good for the planet and its people.

How? Let us show you some products and ideas so that you can apply it in your life.

Use non-toxic materials

We are surrounded by toxic materials every day. We cannot be free from it fully but we can surely cut off most of it.

Be aware of the products that you use. Look at the tags, and then look it up on internet. For example, you see here if your cooking utensil is toxic or not.

Eco Friendly Home Decor non toxic products

Switch to more natural things. Do not buy something because somebody else has it. Use your intelligence – you have to keep yourself healthy and away from toxic stuff. It needs a little shift, that is all. You can meet many like-minded individuals nowadays who have made this shift and live healthy and natural lives.

Do small things. Buy khadi, buy vegetables from local sellers who sell you fresh and carbide free. Carry a cotton or jute tote bag instead of using plastic. Do not buy plastic  if you can avoid – remember that plastic only came into use a few decades ago, and most of our forefathers lived fine without it.

Place plants at home

Most of us do not have space to have gardens but we can surely have smaller plants at home. Houseplants are great at cleansing not only pollution but also dust particles and other toxins. Plants like tulsi keep the air germ free.

NASA has recommended to keep plants at home. The NASA Clean Air Study said that Chrysanthemum, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera and Snake Plant purify the air of the home. The space agency uses these plants in their space stations to keep the air fresh and healthy for their astronauts.

Eco Friendly Home Decor house plants
A Bonsai is a classy way to add green to your home

You can also keep Feng Shui good luck bamboo or go for a beautiful bonsai. A ficus bonsai like this is easy to maintain. Your house will smell fresh, have pure oxygen and look great. Is there a better and more ethical eco friendly home decor?

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Use hand made

Call it handmade, handicrafts or craft-work, it is one of the most ethical home decor you can lay your hands on. Using handmade product is a thousand times better than made in a machine.

Handmade has a different charm when it comes to home decor. Indian handicrafts are sold at five times the price in the West while it remains in the sidelight in India.

Handmade khadi soaps are excellent in every way, you can get some good ones here.

Eco Friendly Home Decor hand made soap
Handmade khadi soaps are more aromatic and good for kin

Handmade creates very pollution and energy. It also gives artisans a livelihood and keeps art alive. Using handmade products for your home is certainly a very ethical thing to do.

Use styles that are timeless and classy

When you decorate your home you need to keep in mind that it is comfortable, pleasing to the eye and practical. You should not have to change it after a year because it looks so outdated.

Some of the best home decorations are just timeless. Use good quality and eco friendly products that will stay. If you have to keep changing stuff within a few months or a few years, it will be a waste of time and energy.

Use nature as much as you can. Beautiful house plants are an everlasting trend. Use real flowers instead of artificial ones. Use flowers or natural oils for aroma rather than using harmful room fresheners. Use natural mosquito repellents that also give your home a good smell.

Eco Friendly Home Decor the classy way
Big or small house, minimalist is always classy

Also remember the use less, have more policy – do not more than you need. The more things you have, the more it is difficult to clean and maintain.

How does it affect the environment? When you use less, you waste less. The landfills are up to the brim and the oceans have become dustbins.

So be practical and classy. You will do just great.

‘Thermal alternatives’

A lot of electricity is consumed in keeping our homes warm or cool as per the seasons. Did you know that a few simple switches can reduce your energy consumption and save a lot of your money?

For example, go for blackout curtains. A thick blackout cotton curtain will help in insulation, keeping the room warmer in winters and cooler in summers. It blocks wind and also reduces outside noise. Not all curtains in the market cut off light, you can see this effective blackout curtain here.

Eco Friendly Home Decor with black out curtains
Use blackout curtains

Using plants at home also keeps the temperature balanced.

Also know when to  keep your windows open to let air and sunshine in. Open your window in the early mornings to let cool air flow inside during the warmer seasons. Use carpet and rugs during the colder season but avoid it in the summers. Little things matter a lot.

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Sometimes a little redecoration is all your home needs. No need to buy more stuff. Change the position of the furniture, wash the curtains, get the other ones stored in your wardrobe. Change the cushion covers and use another rug, if you have. If you don’t have, it does not matter.

Eco Friendly Home Decor redecorate your home
Go for the classy look

Making a space look good is a matter of perspective. You do not need the best things, you need an eye. An expert can redo the same place with the same materials and make it look very different and attractive.

If you can understand the value of redecoration, kudos to you.

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Why Is Fair Trade Important? 

Go for companies that care. Fair trade ensures that the third world artisans are well paid. It cares for handicrafts and artists. Do not buy an expensive bag from a famous brand that does not pay its workers right.

Eco Friendly Home Decor and fair trade
Sustainability and fair trade are also interdependent

Fair trade stops economic slavery. Whenever we buy something we indirectly responsible of the ethical consequences. If you know someone or a company that exploits people with its money, power or any other way, the best solution is to stop buying its products. This is your power as a consumer, and you must use it. The world runs on our small but right choices every day.

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