The film Howrah Bridge was released in 1958. Aaiye Meherbaan was a landmark song of this film of that era. Not only of the era bygone, but it still enraptures music lovers even today.

The test of a great creation is the passage of time. Aaiye Meherbaan still succeeds not only as a song but also as a total performance.

We do not know whom to praise more in this song. Asha Bhonsle, true to the genius that she is, has made this song a stunning success. Then there is Madhubala. The world is still captivated by her beauty. But Madhubala was more than beauty. She was grace, class and talent. Her dancing skills and subtle expressions show her great calibre. Madhubala had that face that was pure yet romantic, a rare combination of attractiveness. Moreover, Madhubala’s gait and persona is such that she can stand tall in any national or international arena.

Enjoy this ageless classic Aaiye Meherbaan from Howrah Bridge.

Howrah Bridge

The thriller film Howrah Bridge was directed by Shakti Samanta and was released in 1958. Ashok Kumar was in the lead with Madhubala, Om Prakash and Madan Puri. Howrah Bridge is still considered a very watchable film. Set on a murder mystery in the then Calcutta, it has some amazing old Kolkata scenes. This is also one of the earliest films of the gorgeous actress Helen.

Ashok Kumar is Rakesh who lives with his brother in Rangoon, Burma. His brother falls into wrong company and steals valuables from the house. Among those valuables is the family heirloom. Rakesh comes to know that his brother has been murdered in Kolkata. He arrives in Kolkata to make sense of the happenings. In Kolkata he also sees Edna, the singer and starts to fall for her.

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