Jesus Christ – the man who changed the world and still is. Born more than two thousand years ago, this man is believed to have lived only till the age of thirty three. However his influence and his aura still hangs in the air.

As long as we know, painters have put his life into stories through their brushes. While most people have imagined Jesus to be of a thinner build, there have been painters and paintings that depict him otherwise.

Here are some astoundingly beautiful paintings of Jesus and Mother Mary that show them in a different light.

Michelangelo’s Christ in the Last Judgment

Jesus michelangelo strong

Michelangelo remains as one of the greatest painters of history. His painstaking research and effort into his works of art is what made these immortalized. The fresco Christ in the Last Judgment adorns the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican. It is believed that Michelangelo had made a more relatable image of Jesus as his sources for information were pure and untainted.

Jesus is everything else here that we know. He is broad and muscular. His hands are heavy and capable of lifting heavy weights. Most amazingly, he is beardless.

Christ in Red Robe

Jesus india strong

This painting by the American painter Del Parsons is also the most commonly used Jesus image by Mormons, a Christian sect in the United States. Here again, we see Jesus as a powerfully built man. This is again a contrast to the common images of the crucifixion where Jesus is more shown as bones. Is it not logical that a man of such divine persona would also look like a perfect human being?

Head of Christ

Jesus india strong smiling

This is probably the happiest painting as we see him smiling at us. Healthy, vibrant and happy, this pure face of Jesus automatically peps us up. Is it not better to think of happier times than of pain? No wonder this work of art by artist Richard Hook is so popular all around the world.

Madonna and Child with Angels

Jesus mother mary india child

This was made by the famous and controversial painter Fra Filippo Lippi. This is a beautiful and unusual painting. See how Madonna pictured outside the frame. She is dressed up with a big pearl instead of Madonna being portrayed as a simple village woman. This picture is said to have layers of meanings.

Mother of Christ

Here is the Mother with her glorious child. Isn’t this a gorgeous painting?

Jesus mother mary india child painting