Dev Anand was the girls’ heartbeat at his time and why not. Who could resist such a charming handsome fellow with a swagger? Top it with SD Burman’s music, a truly never-go-old song and Dev Anand still steals the show.
Hai apna dil to awara is such an amazing song. This was hit then and this will be hit any day. SD Burman gave music to it and Hemant Kumar sung it. The popular film Solva Saal hosted this song among others.  The awesome mouth organ music is played by RD Burman.

Solva Saal
The gorgeous and talented Waheeda Rahman was barely 22 when Solva Saal was released. But when one looks at her acting skills, she is a full professional. Since her inception, she has been true to her reputation as an actress. Look at her expressions, her eye movements, her slight movements. She received critical acclaim for her acting in Solva Saal.
Solva Saal
was released in 1958. Raj Khosla directed it. Frank Capra’s It Happened One Night is said to be the inspiration for this story. Dev Anand and Waheeda Rahman play the lead characters. Waheeda plays Laaj who decides to elope with her lover. Jagdev is Shyam, her lover. Bipin Gupta plays her father.  Dev Anand is Pran, a reporter with his photographer Gogi, played by Sunder.
The entire story of Solva Saal revolves around one night. Laaj is supposed to meet her prospective groom the next day that her father has arranged for her. So her lover Shyam convinces Laaj to run away with him. He tells her to take the family heirloom pearl necklace as well. They board a train where Dev Anand the reporter overhears their conversation. Thus he feels there is a story to it and starts to follow them.
As expected, Shyam was only playing with Laaj and at the right opportunity runs away with the necklace. Dejected by the harsh truth, Laaj wants to end her life but Pran saves him. They both decide to rescue the necklace. But time is running out. She has to be home by dawn because her father will leave for the airport early morning. Furthermore as the story proceeds, both of them feel tenderness towards the other.

Shyam gives the necklace to Neena, a dancer in a film studio. They decide to check it with the jeweler. But the jeweller is in cahoots with Neena. Thus he calls it fake leaving Shyam deluded. Finally with Pran’s help, Laaj gets back her valuable necklace and returns home just in time.
Now it seems like Laaj has matured in a single night. She agrees to her father’s proposal and goes to meet the prospective family. In the conclusion, there is a pleasant surprise. She discovers that it is Pran himself as the  prospective groom. All is well again.