Orissa is blessed by Mother Nature by beautiful beaches running along the Bay of Bengal. Balighai beach is definitely one of them.

While Puri beach is still the most popular, many tourists do not know that within a short drive from Puri lies the beautiful and tranquil sea shore of Balighai. Balighai is opposite of what Puri is – it is serene, uncrowded and as clean as nature has made it.

Balighai beach lies around 8 km from Puri and it can be reached through the Puri – Konark Marine Drive. It is about 62 km from Bhubaneshwar.

Orissa has beautiful and well maintained roads, which are very well suited for long drives. The nearest airport, railways station and bus stand is of course, Puri. Ample buses and cars are available to Balighai.

Balighai Beach odisha

Balighai beach is worth a visit for many reasons. It is absolutely clean and people lie down on the sand to sun bathe. Here both the sunrise and sunset are a treat for your spirit. Another attraction here is the river meeting the sea. Not one but two rivers – Nuanai and Balighai – pour into the Bay of Bengal. You can also ride a local boat in the river.

Since Balighai is quite untouched and undisturbed, there are many casuarinas trees in the area. That means you are in for another treat – the black bucks! The area has a good population of this beautiful black deer and there is a good chance you might find them near you. Plus, there are peacocks. Yes peacocks and the sea! A very rare and gorgeous combination.

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Balighai has a Sea Turtle Research Centre. In the winter season, Balighai is visited by turtles that come to lay their eggs. If you do not get a glimpse of them in the beach, you will surely see quite a few in the Centre. Also, the winters bring along thousands of migratory birds.

Balighai Beach odisha

October to June is good time to visit this place. Avoid the rainy season. Although the beach looks doubly amazing during rains, it is very risky to visit under heavy showers and cyclones. Best visiting season is definitely December to February.

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There are some things you should keep in mind while visiting Balighai beach. Do not plan to stay there as there are hardly any lodging or food options. One or two may open up but always make your booking priorly be. You may find food in the daytime but after sunset, the place is nearly deserted. Plan a day trip, say from Puri. Leave early morning, carry water and snacks. Spend the whole day and have fun. Enjoy the amazing sunset and return. It will definitely be a memorable trip. Many people simply enjoy the beautiful beach for a picnic.

Keep in mind to leave the place absolutely clean. Carry back your plastic packs and bottles and any other garbage. Dump those when you find a dustbin. Keep the place as beautiful as it should be.

Balighai Beach odisha

Image credits: AR Shakti Nanda, tripadvisor.com