Rabi Ghosh is one in a million. In his films, most people would think that he is a supporting actor or a comedian. The truth is that his roles were as powerful as the leads. He was the catalyst to the film. Without Rabi Ghosh, that film is incomplete.

Rabi Ghosh is one of the scintillating stars who made the Golden age of Bengali cinema. He was the master at acting, comedy, theatre and was also an established body builder.

Here are some of the most brilliant roles of this master actor.

Haridas in Shriman Prithviraaj

Rabi Ghosh is Haridas. Haridas is extremely important. He sells bulbul bhaja. Queen Victoria is herself her customer.
If you did not understand this, you need to watch Shriman Prithviraaj. For those who did, here is a souvenir for you. Just do not start humming!

Haridas er bulbul bhaja, tatka taja khete moja
Haridas er bulbul bhaja, tatka taja khete moja

E bhaja khele pore, jombe na ar khaja goja
E bhaja khele pore, jombe na ar khaja goja
Haridas er bulbul bhaja, tatka taja khete moja

Maharani Victoria, e bhaja khan roj kiniya
Maharani Victoria, e bhaja khan roj kiniya
Haridas er bulbul bhaja, tatka taja khete moja.

Rabi Ghosh Shriman Prithbiraaj

Bagha in Goopy Bagha series

What is Goopy without Bagha? How could Satyajit Ray weave his magic without Bagha? How could Bhooter Raja become a hero without Bagha? Where would our childhood be without Bagha?
Rabi Ghosh, we salute you.

 Rabi Ghosh gooopy bagha

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Servant in Golpo Holeo sotti

Rabi Gosh was Dhanonjoy, the angel in the guise of a servant.  The families of Barokhoka, Sejokhoka and Chotokhoka were finally glad to have peace at home due to him. Dadu got his tea and life back on time. He brought balance and joy to the house. And we got an extraordinary film!

Rabi Ghosh tapan sinha

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Shekhar in Aranyer Din Ratri

Among the four friends, Rabi Ghosh played the role of Shekhar. Shekhar is probably most unimpressive of a lot. He is plain, jobless and a little bullied although the four are old and close friends. Interestingly Shekhar is also the one who is egoless and most ‘free’. Although he gambles away his borrowed money, he does not lose himself in the drinking spree.

Rabi Ghosh actually adds an extra dimension to this film. His French Riviera confidence in the bathing scene is unforgettable.

Rabi Ghosh bengali film

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Birinchi Baba’s chela in Mahapurush

This is one of the most entertaining roles of Rabi Ghosh ever played. Not only Charuprakash Ghosh excelled as Birinchi Baba, his assistant Rabi Ghosh adds as the icing on the cake. His role as the fake chela shows how much a fake guru needs their hard work! Brinchi Baba owes a lot to him for his success. And we owe a lot to him to keep us glued to great films.

Rabi Ghosh bengali film comedy