Wannacry is a ransomeware that has brought down the world showing how much insecure we all are digitally. That is why we must all know how to protect our data at all times.

Although Wannacry is said to be under control using a kill switch, the truth is that Uiwix is on its way. It is more dangerous than Wannacry and experts do not know how to kill it. The method is the same – hack the individual’s system and encrypt the information so that he cannot use it. Then make him pay the ransom in bitcoins (which is approximately USD 218 for individual computers).

The reason it has happened is, the Windows OS had vulnerability that was not fixed until very recently, which made all previous systems susceptible to attck.

Fortunately, some simple steps will help us stay safe. So here is what we can do –

#1 Do NOT use public Wi-Fi
Do NOT. This is the number one way of spreading the virus. As soon as you connect your PC to a public Wi-Fi and run the VPN connection, the virus gets access to all systems.

#2 Do not open unknown emails
Do not open any email from an unknown person. Or a reputed brand to whom you have not subscribed. This is the most common way to fool the user.

#3 Do not click unknown links or files
If you do not know the person who sent you the link or the file, better mark as spam. If you are suspicious about the file but it comes from a known user, confirm it from him. Better safe than sorry.

#4 Do not download unknown files
Same as above, hackers disguise malevolent virus as normal looking files.

#5 Do not visit suspicious sites
Avoid sites that are prone to malicious software, or disreputable websites that display cheap and illegal topics.

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#6 Do not download software just from anywhere
If you have to, use trusted marketplace. Do not go for third party store or websites.

#7 Use proper antivirus
Use a well known antivirus or a security suite. Read reviews and research before you get one. Always keep it updated.

# 8 Keep a backup
The best thing to do is to keep a data backup.
In case of the unlucky event your data does get locked by Wannacry or Uiwix ransomware, it can be cleaned by a system restore. As you keep your data with you safe in an external hard disk you cannot be manipulated. Remember that you must keep an external hard disk specifically for data back up only and for added safety you must not share or use it in other systems until you are 200% sure.

#9 Some more tips
Always keep your system updated. Always show hidden file extensions.
Do not put all your passwords in one file in the system- in case you get attacked, cyber criminals will have access to those all. Some people write all their IDs and passwords on paper and keep it under lock and key in case they forgot. Simple, common sense and quite safe.

Remember – always keep a backup of your data, use updated security suite and follow these points – it will keep you safe.

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Credits: hackread.com, FireEye