Celine Dion is undoubtedly one of the sweetest voices to grace our music world. It comes as no surprise that she is a five-time Grammy Award holder. Not only that, she is also the best-selling female artist of all time and one of the best-selling artists ever.

But this talented Canadian singer has had very humble beginning. She grew up in a large middle class family and made her way up through grit and determination. Celine sang the first time publicly at the age of five. All the little girl wanted to be was a singer. Music manager and later her husband, René Angélil was so moved with her voice and with her singing talent that he mortgaged his home to finance her first record La voix du bon Dieu. Celine Dion’s voice did capture many music lovers’ hearts. She shot into global fame with her song track in James Cameron’s Titanic.

Although Celine Dion has made record sales of over 200 million copies worldwide, she is known as one of the most humble celebrities. Here are some of her amazingly beautiful and serene songs that still beat with our hearts and do turn any day beautiful.

#1 My Heart Will Go On
The super success of the film Titanic owes a lot to its music and sound. Celine Dion has enveloped Rose-Jack romance into a musical cocoon that stays untouched in time. Released in 1997, My Heart Will Go On is one of the best selling music till date. Celine Dion reached every household with this song. This song was written by James Horner and Will Jennings.