She sang songs that will make you jump with joy, fall in love, feel heartaches and get lost in the melody of her amazing voice. Geeta Dutt was as beautiful as her angelic voice and she remains as one of the most beloved singers of India.

Geeta Gutt was a lady of extraordinary talent and grace. When she sang, people would stop their work to listen to her songs. Her voice was greatly melodious but more than that, it was the ‘life’ that she put in her songs. You can make someone sing well, but making it alive comes from within. Geeta Dutt’s flair has made many a song immortal.

She was Geeta Ghosh Roy Chowdhuri when she started her career at a young age. She later married Guru Dutt and the film industry called her Geeta Dutt. She started her career from singing in Hindi films and later started to sing in Bengali films too. Every song she sang was loved by millions of song and film lovers.

Beautiful Bengali songs by Geeta Dutt 

Here are some of the most amazing Bengali songs in her golden voice. It is not easy to pick her best, but we are telling you our favourite ones. Tell us yours in the comments below.

#1 Eii Sundaro swarnali sandhya

Let us start with this beautiful and bubbly romantic song. As the scene of the song is placed, play this romantic song while boating with your beloved in a beautiful evening under the stars.  This is romance at its best and it sounds best in the voice of Geeta Dutt.

Veteran actor Ashok Kumar and the gorgeous Suchitra Sen star in the film Hospital released in 1960. The song Eii sundaro swarnali sandhya became a super hit propelling the success of the film. Gauriprasanna Mazumder wrote the song and Amal Mukherjee created music for it.

#2 Ei Mayabi Tithi

This song is from the film Sonar Harin. This was a breakthrough song of that time. Ei Mayabi Tithi was a modern ‘European’ song in Bengali style which was being staged in a club. It was probably the first of east-west remix. Geeta Dutt nailed this song too which shows how versatile she was. This is light-mooded and sensual, quite opposite to the kind of songs she was trained in and would generally sing.

Sonar Harin had a great cast of Chhabi Biswas, Uttam Kumar, Kali Bannerjee, Tarun Kumar, Supriya Choudhury and Bhanu Bandopadhyay. You can see the song video here.

#3 Jhanak Jhanak Kanak Kankan Baaje

Suchitra Sen and Geeta Dutt have made this song so beautiful that it is beyond words. There is a particular chemistry between the beautiful singer and glamorous actress. Both of these talented ladies complement each other. The film Indrani became a super hit at the cinema halls and it owes a lot to the song Jhanak Jhanak Kanak Kankan Baaje.

This song is a treat for our eyes and ears, see it here.

#4 Akash Jure Swapna Maya
This is one of Geeta Dutt’s songs that will definitely make you joyful.

#5 Tumi je amar

She made Tumi je amar truly unforgettable. It remains treasured and cherished in our heart. No words are enough to express this song.

Family and early life  

The graceful and talented singer who made people so happy ironically had a tragic and short life. Geeta Ghosh Roy Chowdhuri was born in a village in Faridpur on 23 November 1930. Eventually her wealthy zamindar family had to leave all that they had and move to Calcutta. Trying to settle down, they moved to Assam and at last moved to Bombay where Geeta would first start singing in Hindi films.

Since her childhood she would learn classical singing along with her school education. She came under the tutelage of Hanuman Prasad and it was he who helped to get her first break in Hindi film songs. She sang just a few lines in the film Bhakta Prahlad whose music was also directed by her teacher. She was applauded for her voice and talent and got further opportunities in Hindi films and later, in Bengali films.

It was during the shoot of the Hindi film Baazi that she met Guru Dutt. A talented actor, producer and director, Guru Dutt was quite well known in the cinema arena. They fell in love and married. They had two sons and a daughter and all looked well.

However within four years of marriage things started to fall apart. Guru Dutt lost money in his film investment, leading to strain and took to drinking. Worse than that, in spite of being married with kids, he fell for the beautiful actress Waheeda Rehman. This took a severe toll on Geeta Dutt and unable to cope with the sorrow of betrayal she too, took up drinking to alleviate her pain.

Things got worse as Guru Dutt’s financial failure led him to depression and suicide attempts. Just eleven years after their marriage, he passed away due to overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills. He left her in a pile of debt and sorrow with little kids to raise to herself. She tried to pull herself up. She sang in films, acted and did live shows. At one time, SD Burman replaced Lata Mangeshkar with Geeta Dutt whom he thought was equally talented. However, due to financial problems and her personal stress, she was unable to be herself.

She also became addicted to drinking to escape her woes like her husband. At the age of only 41, she passed away because of inflammation of liver due to too much of alcohol consumption. India lost a great talent.

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Honorary Stamp by India Post 

As an ending note to this ever graceful and radiant singer, here is a memorial stamp on her. The Government of India released this memorial stamp in honour of Geeta Dutt in 2013 from the series Legendary Singers of India.

Here is a question for the reader. Geeta Dutt also acted in a few films. Can you name the film where she was cast with Pradeep Kumar, Bikash Roy and Jahar Roy? Hint, it was also the actress Rakhis’s debut film? If you know the answer, write it below.

Geeta Dutt stamp

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