What makes gender neutral toys better than any other toy? There is nothing wrong when a little girl plays with a doll and a boy with a gun, in fact it is quite natural. But we always have a tendency to create stereotypes without a second thought.

While it is natural and important to tune into the tender motherly instinct of the girl child, it is equally crucial to harvest her problem solving abilities. Handing a gun to a boy all the time may suppress his natural flow and create a unnecessary rough exterior. A toy is meant to bring out the best in a child – in a balanced way.

Gender neutral toys bring out the best of mind and body. These toys aim to let the kid work out a solution in a playable manner. This gives them an extra edge when it comes to logic and reasoning, giving way to more brain development.

Here are some good gender neutral toys. Needless to say, these make great gifts. Instead of spending money on common plastic toys, pick some from here.

Best Gender neutral toys for kids 

Learn Alphabets, Numbers and Colors Suitable for 3 Years +

Teach kids about alphabets hands on. Cut off screen time on mobile phones and computers. Playing with this 26 piece caterpillar puzzle helps kids more than you can think. It is made of wood, which is a safer option than plastic.As they try to fit on the puzzle blocks on the snail, they make an effort to learn and remember the alphabets.  Fitting the different shapes on to each other, they develop fine motor skills, visual intelligence and problem solving abilities.

They also learn to recognize different colours developing a sharper perception. It piques their curiosity and while they try to match and set, it gives wings to the imagination.
Get the toy here.

Activity Cubes for kids 

Looking for a way to pamper your loved child? Gift them an activity cube.
Activity cubes come in various shapes and sizes, colours and music. What an activity cube is, it is one toy made up of multiple game activity.

This cuboid has six faces each for a different fun activity. Colourful and musical, this keeps the child engaged. Get it here. This toy also ‘educates’ – by developing imagination, letting them learn by touch and hone fine motor and visual abilities, recognizing and understanding different tools.
You can also buy this pyramid shaped activity cube. With 15 different activities, this is one of the best gender neutral toys you can get for your little human.

The activity bus with lights and sound will not only engage the child but it also helps them to look forward to school in a fun way. Children are often afraid of going to school, away from the comfort of their home and parents. This colourful bus will help them overcome their fear as it presents a different idea for school. Get the bus here.

5 in 1 Drum Activity Cube

Learning to recognize various sounds is great for the developing brain of a child. Being able to tune to rhythms always keeps children more engaged and less ill mannered. This 5 in 1 drum activity cube is an excellent choice. Get the 5 in 1 drum activity cube.

Road Trip Puzzles 

Puzzles are excellent for the grey matter, be it for kids or adults. As we speak of kids here, here is a puzzle mat from award winning toy company Sago Mini. It will cost you some extra coins, but it is worth the price. This road trip puzzle mat can be set in 12 ways making it a new road puzzle every time. Colourful with lovable figurines and prints, this is definitely one of the most precious gender neutral toys to get for that little kid.

Kids scooter

Physical engagement in games, sports and cycling is as much important to the child as studying and problem solving skills. You can buy the bi- or tri-cycles commonly available in the marketplace. But if you are looking for something different and new, try the trending scooter for kids.

Get the bike cum scooter. These are safe and sturdily built and equally good for boys and girls.

For toddlers this 3 wheeler scooter bike also acts as a walker.

All in One Easel

What better than a kid having his own blackboard and white board together! It also makes a great gift for twins or siblings.

Children often like to impersonate their teachers and everything that they learn in school. A part of their learning process, help them by gifting their own boards with chalks and markers. Buy this wonderful toy here.

Building blocks

Building blocks were made very popular by Lego, as children spent endless hours exploring their creative buds. Today building toy blocks are one of the best gender neutral toys in the market.

Just make sure that the toys are made of good quality material and the pieces are not too small for the kids to swallow. Get ones like this good quality building block here.

Tool kits 

Many people  underestimate the value of using your hands. Tool kits for kids are great for kids. It is one of the best ways to help them grow and become dependent on their own skills. You can see this very nice kids toolkit by clicking here.

Tool kits for children are safe to use. It is very important for them to learn things work.

This is not only an engaging toy but a highly recommended source of growth for your little human. Boys and girls alike. Get this desk making toy kit.

Layout Books

This is a no-brainer, books make great companions. Although not strictly a toy, books are definitely the age-old friend of a child. There are so many to choose from. There are painting books, puzzle books, activity books, comic books and colourful storybooks.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a big board book that kids over the world have come to adore.

You can also gift the complete collection of 12 Wimpy Kid books.

Vishnu Sharma’s Panchatantra still captivates the mind of kids today.

But do you know what amazes children the most? When you read it to them.

No matter what you buy for the children, the most precious gift you can give them is your time. Talk to them, tell them stories, tales and incidents of your life. Tell them what you have learnt from your experience in this world. Tell them to respect everyone. Teach them to be fair and to share. What a gift that is!