Travelling? Worried about carrying you heavy bags and trolley cases? Relax. Your very own 24×7 coolie has arrived.

Gita and Kilo are autonomous transportation bots. This means that they are self moving luggage. You do not even have to hold the handle. They will simply follow you through the airport and railway station.

Gita is designed so that they can carry your luggage up to 18 kgs. This intelligent luggage vehicle can take up a speed up to 35 km per hour. It will also know how to move around independently if you give it a mapped environment.

Gita and Kilo

You can make it follow you around or you can summon it to you from a distance. It has been made smart enough to navigate easily through urban areas through traffic and paths without causing any interference to other people.

Kilo is the bigger intelligent luggage vehicle. It can carry loads of 100 kgs and has a 120 litre compartment. It is built as a three wheeler to safely carry the heavier loads.

Gita and Kilo

Gita and Kilo will be helpful aids for regular travelers as well as old and ailing people.

However, these autonomous transportation bots are useful enough to carry them while you go shopping or for daily chores. Some are also planning to use these for delivering goods.

Gita and Kilo have been presented by Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) which specializes in robot making under the Piaggio Group. Piaggio is the Italian brand that sold Vespa in India.

Gita and Kilo

These smart luggage also come with adequate security. It has a built in camera and scanner. The loading area is accessed only after the fingerprint scan. These autonomous transportation  bots can self-park and number of these can also form a closed network to inter-communicate.

Gita and Kilo are expected to be available for sale in the market by 2018.

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