Soumitra is perhaps one of those actors whose on-screen romance is almost impossible to beat and the song Hoeto tomari jonno one of the deepest and most romantic song of all times.  In his young days, not only did Soumitra have those charming dreamy look but his gentlemanly gait and superb acting skills made him a winner of many a woman’s heart.

The romantic song Hoeto Tomari Jonyo was sung by the evergreen Manna Dey in the movie Teen Bhubaner Parey. You cannot listen and not love this irresistible song.

Teen Bhubaner Parey

This song was featured in the 1969 film Teen Bhubaner Parey, based on Sameresh Basu’s novel and directed by Ashutosh Bandyopadhyay.  Pretty Tanuja plays the role of Saroshi, a schoolteacher and Soumitro Chatterjee is Montu, the so-called loafer in the para. Montu spends all day idly and wasting away with his friends among which are the extraordinary Rabi Ghosh and comic Chinmoy Roy.

Montu is lowly employed, unmarried and unimpressive whereas Saroshi is the educated and well dressed lady who looks down upon him. The hit musical ‘Jibon e ki Pabona’  in the starting stage of movie introduces Montu and his friends as the street dancing, rowdy men who eyeball Saroshi.

Montu’s family is in a crumbling phase, his brother depressed and Montu himself is lost and frustrated at the core. Saroshi cruel words and insults to him only make him sadder. However, it also makes him want to pull himself up and prove to her that he is better than what she thinks of him. But Saroshi is hard to impress who is hard bent in belief that she is more educated and of higher social status than him. After all she is a post graduate and employed as a teacher whereas he is a matriculate and drunkard who spends most of his time in the streets with his friends of a similar feather.

Saroshi’s hardness is softened towards him when she gets to see his better side as he helps a child. As she comes to know more about him and his aspiration to study and get a better life, she is drawn to him. Eventually they marry and move to their flat.

As Saroshi and Montu start their new life, Saroshi tries to keep Montu monitored for fear of his falling back into his old life. Montu is made to sacrifice his friends and his old ways of singing and dancing the carefree way. Upon Saroshi’s encouragement, Montu goes ahead in his education and in time gets a doctorate. While this looks like a great achievement, from the inside Montu is stifled. He is not allowed to meet his old friends even in need or sickness. In an effort to make his life better, she had changed from an inspiration to dominance, leaving them both in an outwardly successful but inwardly, in a loveless situation.

At the end, Montu is offered a better job but that would make him travel but Saroshi wouldn’t leave her job. Montu sacrifices for her again and he is although feeling the lack of affection in marriage yet is strong on gratitude for her. Saroshi however is still holding the false premise of controlling him – in other words she is unable to let go of her fear that has made her so loveless.