If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

Every household has items that can be used for growing a few herbs and flowers. Plastic containers, old water bottles and almost anything can be recycled and made into a container for plants. We will show you how with a little soil and water you can have your own place of peace.

How to plant
• Get any container and punch a few holes in it.
• Fill the bottom with some pebbles or stones first so that the water can drain out. Fill it with soil and drop a few seeds. Since these hold less space, use it grow herbs or small plants.
• Small flowering plants can like portulaca, moss rose or 9 o’clock grow very well. Use can also drop your kitchen stock like fennel or garlic. Give a little water every day and let it get some sunlight. Do not give too much water or very less as well.
• You can also buy saplings from your local nursery. Saplings are easier to grow that it is from seeds.
• Do it a few times and you will get good grip at doing this.
• Enjoy the fresh oxygen, beautiful flowers and fresh herbs at home.

Used plastic cups or mugs? Get an empty cup lying around, then follow the instructions above on how to plant it.


Water bottles make an easy container to plant. Use scissors or knife to cut into your desired shape and make a few holes.


Health drink bottle? Instead of throwing away health drink bottles, use it to get your green corner.


Want something more imaginative? See how people have used old shoes to create such a green and happy spot.


Discarded bathtub? Makes a great garden pot.


Old bucket? Do not spend money on buying pots from the market. For larger vessels like buckets and tubs, make sure you punch holes for the water drainage at the bottom and sides.


Soda cans make a good accessory to gardening. You can paint or wrap it with colourful cellotape and make these look pretty.


You can use powder bottles, plastic bags or anything of any shape or size.

Nature is very accommodating. All it needs is a little soil, sunlight and some care. Use your imagination to create your very own stunning green corner.

Image credits: containergardening.wordpress.com, kinggeorgehomes.com, renewlv.wordpress.com, undolock.com