While the anticipation of a journey fills us with delight, the thought of packing can give us trepidation. How good your holiday will be as a whole would also depend on how you manage your luggage. Lost luggage and broken trolleys are a sure way to spoil a trip.

When you travel on the plane or train or any other form of public transport and you have appropriately locked your trolley bag, with that you should also note these factors. Luggage carried right and tight will make your travel a success.

Check your luggage for defects

Check for loose screws or wobbly handles in your trolleys and suitcases. Generally when we return from a trip, we tend to forget about the conditions of our bags or procrastinate it until we forget. You don’t want a malfunctioning zip while travelling which will not only expose your possessions but also make it vulnerable to dust, water and also easy stealing. Better safe than to be sorry, so either get those fixed or buy new ones.

luggage zip When you buy a trolley or rucksack, make sure you check the quality of stitching or other related factors. Also ask for waterproof every time. Investing in an expensive but better quality luggage bag can be a good investment.

Valuable items

It is always recommended that you keep your valuable possessions very near to you. Apart from cash, any jewellery or important papers or anything that you would dare not lose – keep it in a smaller bag with you.

 keep your luggage safe during travelIf you are not carrying a handbag then keep your bags where you can keep an eye on them.

Let your bag be different

Studies have shown that luggage bags with a different look or unusual colour are least likely to get stolen, for those could be easily identifiable.  Also in the airport baggage carousel, it will be easier for you to spot.

buy luggage bag for travelIf your bag looks very commonplace there is also a chance that it can get mistakenly picked up by someone else. To avoid these mishaps, you should customize it with a like a sticker or a ribbon or anything that suits you. This is to make sure that it will make it stand apart.

You can also buy covers for your baggage which come in various colours and patterns.

Don’t pack unnecessary things

While it is definitely important to carry a few extra belongings but the lighter you can travel the better. The lesser baggage you have the easier it is to handle and worry about those. Carry lighter things if possible.

buy luggage bag for vacation

Also reduce the number of bags. 3 bags are better than 5 smaller ones. Compactness and handiness are great skills for survival in the journey of your trip or in life.

Protect your luggage

Whether you decide to shove your luggage down your seat in a train or hand over at the airport, it is always safe to have a luggage protector. When you buy a rucksack ask for a cover. For trolleys and suitcases buy one separately. Generally these are clear plastic sleeves closed with zips or Velcro that will protect your baggage clean from dirt and any liquid spills as well as keep your things together if your luggage bag breaks down due to wear and tear or by mishandling by the airport staff.

luggage trolley bag Keep your luggage safe and enjoy your journey in peace of mind.