How To Make Your Living Space More Peaceful

The difference between the right and wrong living space is this – the right one provides you with peace and energy while the contrary drains you. We all need that living space that cools our nerves after a long day. A peaceful and aesthetically pleasing living space adds to creativity and success. No wonder luxury hotels and spas are so well done because they understand this simple thing.
The good news is it is very simple and easy to transform your living and working space to a calm yet productive place without spending a lot of money.

Relaxing Home Decorating Ideas 

There are numerous ways to create a living space that brings serenity and happiness. Some of these ideas are common sense yet easily overlooked by us. Follow these tips and ideas from Vaastu, Feng shui and interior decorators to transform your living space into a peaceful haven.

Face and fight clutter. This the first and biggest challenge in redoing a living space. We unconsciously buy and store things that we do not even need. Some may be torn or broken, repaired a number of times and other items are being stored for ‘difficult’ days. Old clothes, newspapers and magazines, utensils and what not. We feel we would ‘need’ it sometime. The habit of living in clutter desensitizes us and we start to build up clutter even online. Old emails, bills, recharges, hundreds of unread  emails – are all another form of clutter. Start deleting and organizing it now. You do not need to have copies of recharges made a year ago.

Clearing clutter is very important for a healthy living. You cannot have a nice living space with clutter lying around. Sort it out. Throw away what you can and donate it to needy people. It feels difficult at first but it gives us joy to see a clean and clutter free house. Read more about clearing clutter here.

Clean and beautify windows. Windows have the ability to change the look of the room. Firstly keep your windows clean and free of dust. Use curtains that will suit your room. Tall curtains bring a classy touch to the room. Sheer curtains bring a soft dreamy feel to it and you can decorate it with string lights.

The trick is not to spend too much money on the curtains but to choose the right ones. See the colour of your walls. If your room is white or pale, you can go for colourful curtains. On the contrary if your room has dark or multiple colours, go for beige, gray or off-white hues. It is also important to see how big the room is. For big rooms which have less furniture and more space, you can try bold colours for curtains. For smaller rooms, long curtains of beige, gray or off-white hues work best.

Another thing to note is that in your bedroom you would probably want good quality light blocking curtains. A good quality light block curtain gives you a peaceful place to slumber, cuts off external noise and also helps to maintain the room temperature. Good quality light blocking curtains are hard to find on a budget, so we have got one for you.

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Keep soothing things. We love to collect and decorate our living space with pictures and figurines but tend to do it mindlessly. We pile it up in our showcase and desk whatever we may have picked from a destination or has been gifted to us. Some of these can be downright unappealing. Remove any image of battle, struggle or poverty. Keep things that show the nature like flowers, water or hills. Avoid keeping too many pictures of your relatives who have passed away. As much as you love them and remember, their pictures should be kept in one specific place with love and respect instead of hanging here and there.

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Make Your Living Space More Peaceful and Beautiful

Remove anything from your living space that does not soothe you. Rearrange the rest in an aesthetically pleasing way. Look it up in books and internet for pictures of beautifully arranged pictures and memorabilia.

Minimize technology. Electronic devices emit waves which can be harmful to the body. Our living space is full of invisible electromagnetic waves emitted by our mobile devices. Cell phones and Wi-Fi routers should be turned off at night. Even if you cannot turn off your phone, make sure you turn your internet off keeping only the call facility on. Keep your phone at least 5 to 6 feet away from your body when you sleep. Do not jump into 5G technology without knowing its pros and cons.

Turn off any electrical or electronic device that is unused or not required at night. Our body and mind can perceive a lot more than we understand. If we make our environment peaceful, calm and more natural we will definitely lead happier and healthier lives.

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Creating Calm At Home 

Open those windows. It is very important for the living space to get clear air and sunlight. Open all your windows at least once every day. Ideally, 3 to 4 hours of fresh air and light is best for a home. Early morning is good time when the air is cooler and less polluted. During winters, let the warmth come in during the late morning till noon. Natural air and light are the best healers.

Keep plants and grow your own herbs. Having plants at home are a great way to beat the stress. Staying close to nature always keep us well in mind and body.

Have a tiny garden at home where you can grow your own herbs. It does not take any space at all. You can reuse your kitchen leftovers to get new plants. Not only will you be eating a bit more healthy, it always gives us satisfaction to grow our own food. Here a helpful video that shows you how to grow your own herbs.

Keep your bed clean. Keeping your bed made up and clean is a great way to boost the chill factor of your living space. Seeing a clean bed in a simple cotton bed cover is like a medicine to our mind. Make sure you choose cotton bed covers as those are the most relaxing. While choosing bed covers, light and pastel shades work best. You can have a few plain white sheets but too much of white can also make one feel depressing.

Avoid too much colour or bold graphic or 3D prints. Bed sheets must always be cotton and cool shades. It is where you sleep and you need to surround yourself with relaxing and peaceful props.

Image credits: Image by Jill Wellington, StockSnap from Pixabay