Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) of India will be organizing the recruitment examination for posts. A total of about 35,208 job openings in Non-Technical Popular Categories (NTPC) with various Zonal Railways is released. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the exam of RRB NTPC is delayed. The Tier-1 exam will take place tentatively on 15th December 2020. Students can take the test in 15 different languages now. With the exam just a month away, here are some preparation tips to help students in these final hours.


RRB NTPC, Tier-1 exam will now be held on 15th December 2020. The exam will take place to recruit eligible candidates for various posts, as mentioned below:

Junior Clerk cum TypistAccounts Clerk cum Typist
Junior Time KeeperTrains Clerk
Commercial and Ticket ClerkTraffic Assistant
Goods GuardSenior Commercial and Ticket Clerk
Senior Clerk & TypistJunior Account Assistant cum Typist
Senior Time KeeperCommercial Apprentice and Station Master

The RRB NTPC exam will take place in the following stages:

1. Computer-based Tier – 1 Test
2. CBT Tier 2 Test
3. Typing skill Test / CBAT
4. Document Verification / Medical Exam

The exam will recruit candidates for posts both at undergraduate and graduate levels. This signifies that both 12th pass and graduate candidates can apply to the respective vacancies. The exam will take place at the National level, and aspirants can check the official website for the latest updates – indianrailways.gov.in. We will now share the RRB NTPC last-minute preparation tips, essential topics, expert tips, and also the exam pattern.

RRB NTPC Preparation – Effective Tips to Prepare in Last 30 Days

Solving the last 5 year’s RRB NTPC question papers is the key to do well during the final days of the exam. By now, most aspirants must be aware of the basics like the theories, syllabus, and pattern of the exam. So, this is the time to practice more and more test papers. This will ensure you manage time during the exam for attempting most questions. Apart from this below are the few tips that can help you out in your final phase of the preparation.

1. Do not use more time on a particular topic. The study routine should be followed earnestly.

2. One must start revising during this final phase.

3. We will suggest you start with easy topics and then move forward to the difficult ones.

4. You should by-heart all the Mathematical theories and formulas related to the Maths section.

5. Devote adequate time to prepare the various topics in the different sections of the syllabus of RRB NTPC.

6. Don’t get bogged down on one subject, keep moving forward and don’t miss any critical topic to revise. Your time table should be designed in a way that accommodates time for the preparation of all essential topics.

7. We will not recommend you to start preparing anything new; somewhat students must revise topics from the RRB NTPC syllabus that are already covered by them.

8. We will suggest writing down notes while revising rather than doing it orally. This can be done by practising more and more RRB NTPC papers.

9. While preparing, keep setting time targets for practising the papers. Each time set new targets, with which, try to solve as many questions possible within that time.

10. Focus on all shortcut ways to solve questions.

11. While revising or solving question papers, don’t get stuck on a particular question or topics. Read about that particular topic and find why you are unable to solve in your free time later.


RRB NTPC Preparation – Pro Tips by Experts

Here, we have mentioned some of the tips suggested by the experts. The most important thing about preparing for the RRB NTPC entrance exam is to be aware of the time allotted in each of the sections. According to various experts, one must practice the question papers in a time-bound manner.

The tier 1 & tier 2 exams are of 90 minutes duration each, so you need to manage your time very wisely. Some time should be allotted for revision as well. Section-wise preparation time for this Railway Recruitment Board exam is mentioned below:

Test SectionsIdeal Allocation of Time
General Awareness30 minutes
General Intelligence and Reasoning20 minutes
Mathematics20 minutes
Revision20 minutes

The Maths section, General Awareness and General Intelligence and Reasoning Language are included in the exam. This tactic will help you to attempt more questions within a given time.

If you are stuck on a specific question for more than 30 seconds, then move to the next question and leave that particular question. You can solve that difficult question later after you are done answering the rest of the questions. Some of the important topics to prepare for RRB NTPC are mentioned below.


RRB NTPC Exam Pattern

Though, we are sure that the students in their final preparation will be completely aware of the exam pattern. But a slight look on the same will not harm. The RRB NTPC Tier 1 exam pattern is mentioned below.

SectionsNo. of Questions Total MarksDuration
Mathematics303090 minutes
General Intelligence and Reasoning3030
General awareness4040
Total 100100

The RRB NTPC Tier 2 exam will have more questions and hence will involve more marks. In the tier 2 exam, Maths will have 35 questions, GI & Reasoning will have 35 questions, and General Awareness will have 50 questions. A total number of questions will be 120 carrying 1 mark each. The duration will be the same, i.e. 90 minutes.

So, these are some of the ideas that we have if you are planning to take the RRB NTPC 2020 exam. These tips will not help you if you have not started your preparation at least 6 – 12 months in advance. Taking mock tests and revising will only be possible if you start preparing early.

Preparing early, will give you that time to understand all the basics like theories, formula, and others. If you are clear with the basics, only then it will be possible to revise correctly during the final hours. We are sure that this article will help you in your final days of preparation. If you like the blog, please like and share the same among your peers who are also competing for RRB NTPC this year. All the best!