In this world that we live in there are good, kind and considerate people. But also, much to our chagrin there are the toxic people. Everyone meets toxic persons but most fail to identify them. According to Psychology Today, ‘dealing with such an individual can be difficult and draining, to say the least.’

So who is a toxic person and how to identify them? Here are some traits that psychologists use to help you identify one.

Toxic people can be manipulative. Through drama and attention, they will get what they want. Other people are not important for them but they are too clever to show it straight. They will use other and their emotional weakness to work in their favour.

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Toxic people always want something. They want help, they want something to be done, and they want that to be bought. The demand never stops. But it becomes a one-way thing, ask of them and they will whine and make excuse.

Toxic people drain you. They will make you feel tired because you have been hearing of only negative things in their life. After talking or spending time with them, you will feel exhausted because they will either use you for their drama or their errands.

 Toxic people are jealous.  Jealousy is one of the biggest issues with toxic people. They will always compare with what you have in life with theirs. Jealously is in fact what makes many people obnoxious. They are never satisfied with what they have because they cannot see other people happy.

toxic people jealous

They will not accept their mistake. A toxic person becomes unbearable to his near and dear ones. He or she will never see their own mistake. For them, the other person is always wrong. But a toxic person will never sincerely make any effort to create a positive change.

They are uncaring, unsupportive and not interested in you. If the toxic person is sick, you are supposed to do everything for them but do not expect the other way round. They are not interested in your life but you will be expected to be so.

They will make you feel guilty. They will hurt and avoid you and then will also make you feel guilty for it. They will blame you for their behavior.

toxic people hurt

Calculative liars. They know how to say and how much to say to turn the facts in their favour. A truth half told can be as good as a lie. Toxics know it very well and they will always play with the truth. This makes them cold calculative people although on the outside they may look very normal and nice.

Here is what to do when you have to deal with toxic people.

  • You must always protect yourself from toxic people. It is very important for us to be positive and happy. Draining people would only pull us down.
  • Do not let them play with your emotions. Stay strong when you have to. You have the full right to have your own choice just as the other person.
  • Stay away from them as much as possible. Keep them away from your social handles, talk to them as less as possible. At first it may seem awkward but later you will thank yourself for it.toxic people stay away protecton
  • Do not criticize others if the toxic person is doing so. You do not know the other side of the story. Just because the person is close to you, does not mean that person is right.
  • Stay away from drama as much as possible. If someone needs emotional help on a regular basis, recommend a professional instead of you being drawn into the storm.
  • Remember you do not have to impress anyone or make anyone happy. Focus on your inner happiness. It is a beautiful world and if someone wants to see the dark clouds only, it is their call.
  • Just as you would protect yourself physically, you also need to protect yourself mentally.
  • Stay with happy and grateful people who make you feel good. They are people who emit peace and good vibrations.

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