Although it sounds too good to be believable, this has been recorded live. World famous teacher Gregg Braden shows the recording at his lecture in Milan.

While the doctors are still still searching for a cure for cancer, the visionaries have already found one. The answer to cancer had been lying in our midst through centuries. Ancient healing wisdom say that it is our mind that creates the disease. Our hearts are the powerhouse of healing faculties.

As most people will dismiss it as a hypothesis, we need solid scientific evidence to reprove this ancient healing knowledge. Renowned speaker and visionary Gregg Braden presents an extraordinary case of healing of a lady who was in the last stage of cancer. Doctors had given her a verdict that she would get to live just a few more days. Every aspect of this ‘miraculous experiment’ has been recorded with the latest medical equipment available.

Gregg Braden shows the real case history of a woman who was diagnosed with cancer in her bladder and doctors had given all hopes away. Instead of spending her last days in despair, she comes to China’s medicineless hospital. See how healers heal her in only 2 minute and 40 seconds – this is what we call a miracle. All of this has been recorded in real time with the medical scans so you can see the cancer disappearing from the bladder with your own eyes.

Gregg Braden has done ground-breaking research on mind over matter and on healing. He has addressed how we create electrical and magnetic waves inside our bodies and how these waves flow out into the world around us.  If you find it difficult to believe think this – our entire nervous system sends and receives signals through pulses of electricity in fractions of a second through billions of nerve cells. It is estimated that the best supercomputer can hardly match 1% of the processes of our brain.

We are truly amazing beings, all we need to see is our own light.

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