BEAUTY—“a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” If you Google the definition of beauty, you will get this answer.

But what actually it is. Can there be any specific definition or limitation of beauty or what we call beautiful? I think – No. There can’t be. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is a famous saying. I think it’s quite true. Beauty is nothing but the perception, how we see it.

I still remember the day when my childhood best friend once told me showing a dress hanging in a shop “It will look good on you, not me”. The little me could not understand it at that time. How can a piece of cloth can look good on me but not on another girl of my age? We are of same size so it should fit her as well I thought.

beauty colour

When I think of this now, I realize how this color discrimination was put into a girl’s head at that very young age. As she was darker than me, she found herself less pretty. It makes people so insecure, so less confident about themselves. And for what reason, skin color? I mean it’s not even worth an issue. It’s just your skin right?

But our society has made it a real big issue, especially for girls. Various brands have already come up with those magical creams in those beautiful containers promising super fairness in just 3 weeks. And they are doing excellent business, not to mention. But after using those creams years after years none is getting fairer. And they can’t be. Because, it is nothing but the presence of a pigment called melanin located in the epidermis, or outer skin layer. And there are 2 form of melanin. The dark complexioned skin produces mostly eumelanin while the light one produces pheomelanin. And clearly, those fairness creams cannot change the kind of melanin that it produces. So STOP BELIEVING IN THEM!! It does nothing but only gives you a temporary glow and that’s it.

beauty dark skin

We all grew up hearing and watching the fairy tales. I wonder why mostly all the princesses are described and shown there as fair? And the beasts as dark? Why all the matrimonial ads ask for fair and slim bride? Is there no place for how a person is from inside? No value for humanity and only skin complexion and built are so much important? So many questions, only one answer – it’s all in our head. We are trained to see the beauty by this perception. We are taught that fair is pretty and dark is ugly.

We live in a world that talks about racism, makes debates on it. But, deep in heart most of the men still want a pretty fair girl to get married [considering the bride/groom wanted page in newspapers] and most of the girls do worry about their skin color and tries to look fairer. We have been taught since our very childhood that fair is beautiful and dark is ugly. Even in those color codes, you will find the skin color shade as a bright fair nude tone. Why should it be like this? We are not supposed teach children that specific shade to be the skin color?beauty skin

Human skin color is quite variable around the world. It ranges from a very dark brown to a near yellowish pink. But before teaching the children, we should teach ourselves this. We should see a person by his/her character and not by the skin color which is God gifted. External beauty can never define a person. It’s the character and the deeds of the person which truly defines an individual. I have seen so many traditionally ‘beautiful’ people mistreating others who are economically lower than them. On the other hand, acid attack victims are doing wonders for needy people, working with various NGOs. Their so called outer beauty may be lost but the true selves of them are Beautiful. They are the real beautiful people.

And finally, if you worship Kali and Krishna, and still think dark is less pretty, then believe me, something is wrong with YOU!!

beauty dark

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My Name is Soumosree Ganguly. I am a software professional and an Indian classical Dancer. Writing is one of my passions. I love writing on social issues and opinions on general things. Reading is the inspiration for me to write.For me life is all about exploring new things and finding your uniqueness into everything you do.