Soumitra Chatterjee excels in both romance and tragedy and the song Khirki theke singha duyar from the film Stree is a foremost example. Soumitra is in a different avatar with his moustached look.

Hemanta Mukhopadhyay sang this song with lyrics written by Gauriprasanna Majumdar. In this song, Soumitra brings to light the true state of affairs of the zamindars and their families. He sings how the life of the people there exists inside the periphery of their palatial building only which is a parable to a constricted and miserable way of living. People are lost – unable to differentiate between what is good or bad for them. Although this song was written keeping in mind the zamindar period, the song still touches the unfortunate truth of many in our present lives.


The landmark film Stree was released in 1972. It has a superb cast of Uttam Kumar, Soumitra Chatterjee, Arati Bhattacharya and Bhanu Bandyopadhyay. Stree is a film that shows the unfortunate truth of the fallen zamindars of Bengal towards the latter part of the British rule in India. Madhav Dutta, played by Uttam Kumar portrays the condition very well. Madhav is one of those zamindars who is squandering his money and life away in alcohol and courtesans while his wife Mrinmoyee is left to herself. This is one of the best movies of Soumitra Chattopadhyay and Uttam Kumar.

Soumitra is Sitapati, Madhav’s keeps him as a cameraman. As he enters, the plot deepens with the unfolding that Mrinmoyee is Sitapati’s ex-lover. While her husband spends more time with other women than her, she finds comfort in Sitapati. Unfortunately, while infidelity was acceptable with men it was a sin for a woman in the bygone hypocritical days. This dark tale ends with Sitapati leaving Mrinmoyee and then by the death of the protagonists. Stree is a tragic love story, a social drama and a depiction of man’s fall from grace due to wrong company. Hajar takar jharbatita is a very famous song from Stree.

Soumitra Chatterjee stree