As weird as it may sound, but it is true that Queen Elizabeth of England and her royal family is scared of the Kohinoor. Since its acquisition, the Kohinoor has brought forth mishaps and misfortunes on the head that wears the Imperial State Crown studded with the Kohinoor.

India has been the mother of diamonds since ages. Many illustrious diamonds like the Kohinoor have been dug out of the mines of India. But there is something very strange going on.

In this 21st century, at the height of civilization, no one believes in things like curses, at least in London. But the royal family is plagued by the Kohinoor curse. So much that it is kept in the Tower of London instead of it being the palace with the monarch. Shouldn’t a crown be on the head of the king or queen?

Kohinoor is believed to have been found in the Golconda mines and was called the ‘Madnayak’. The royal dynasty at that time was a Kakatiya king who installed this diamond as one of the eyes of Goddess Bhadrakali. All was well until it was looted by a Muslim invader. It is not known how or when the curse was placed but the curse says that only a deity or a woman may wear it. Anyone else would face dire consequences.

Kohinoor curse

Interestingly, the curse of the diamond has worked every time, without fail. It has passed the hands of many rulers who lusted after it- Muslim, Hindu, Turkish, Sikh and at last the British. Every ruler has perished away – either in accident, or sickness or by misfortune within a short time. One instance is when Shah Jahan put it on his Peacock throne, and shortly after that his own son Aurangzeb imprisoned him.

Perhaps the biggest example is the British Empire itself. An empire on which ‘the sun never set’ lost its hold after it acquired the Kohinoor from Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It lost hold on all its colonies one by one and today is left only with a royalty which is more ornamental than functional.

Kohinoor curse

Every male of the British royal family who has worn the Kohinoor has either become sick or died. There is a long list of such incidents and much has been written on these strange misfortunes. Today even when a male becomes ruler, the crown with the Kohinoor is given to the wife to wear although it is the crown of the ruler. At the coronation of George VI, his mother wore the Kohinoor and not him.

Is this a true curse or a fear of karmic payback? India has demanded the Kohinoor back home. But the true home of this thousand-year-old diamond is not in the hands of kings but the womb of Mother Earth where it was truly born eons ago.

Other ‘cursed’ diamonds from India

Hope Diamond

 Hope Diamond India

Perhaps the second most famous gem of the world after the Kohinoor. More than 400 years old, the Hope diamond is estimated at $250 million. It is believed to have originated in the Kollur mine and since then has passed many hands bringing misfortune to all its owners. Today it is kept in exhibition at the United States National Museum of Natural History. The diamond has been in possession of King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette and we know how their life ended at the guillotine. It is recorded that at least ten owners of the Hope diamond have perished mysteriously.

Delhi Purple Sapphire

delhi-purple-sapphireThis beautiful gem was stolen from an Indradev Temple by a British soldier and supposedly sold it to a British army officer. Since then the families of the owner have faced financial debts, disease and mental stress. So much that this cursed gemstone was kept locked in seven boxes, along with a ‘protection spell’. The last owner did not want to have it and gave it away to the London’s Natural History Museum where it is kept on public display.

Black Orlov

black orlov supernatural india

The Black Orlov diamond was originally called as the Eye of Brahma. A curse is believed to have been put on it after it got stolen from the idol in Pondicherry. It is the seventh largest black diamond in the world and is sought after by celebrities and collectors alike. At least three wearers have committed suicide and it has brought mental agony and calamity to many others.

The Regent

the-regent-diamondAnother scintillating gem from the Kollur mines with a scary history since its discovery. It is believed to have been stolen by a slave of a ship that came from England. The captain killed him and took away the diamond. It went on to become one of the crown jewels of the French royal dynasty. Interestingly, it was also worn by Marie Antoinette. The Regent has  tarnished reputations and caused decapitation among other misfortunes. Also, Napolean had acquired it shortly before his death. Louis XVIII of France got exiled twice and died in a sad state. Then Charles X within six years of his reign had to renounce the throne and later died of cholera.

It is curious and chilling the way the gorgeous and world famous diamonds, and especially many from India have strange tales to tell. Are curses real? Tell us what you think.

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