2016 will surely be remembered for its 9/11, on the literary terms at least! The two facets of the world saw two upsides down. The trumpet of Mr. Trump became audible to the whole world; well – we can ignore its consequences for now. But the Indians were hit by NaMo; the supreme powerhouse of India!

From the midnight of 9/11, all the 500 & 1000 Rupee currency notes became a part of the history. Instead, the 100 rupee note took the charge of the ‘pseudo’ king; for the time being. Aptly put by one of the Economist, “Its an Ulatpuran indeed! For one day at least, the kings and the common man are in the same juncture! “Well, indeed a bold step with much bolder consequences!

people 500 rupees note

When I heard the news, the first reaction that stroke my mind was,” I mean, Why?” Instant was the answer – to curb the black money rule and to hit the terrorism affecting our country. Well, indeed, we, the commoners were happy. Until the next morning, precisely.

All the bank branches remained closed the next day. ATMs went closed for two days in the shortest notice ever. People started freaking. To put it more accurately, our days of suffering has just begun!

From next day, whole India irrespective of their class, caste and creed, were seen queuing up before the bank branches. ATMs were seen exhausted within an hour, and the ‘ration line’ persisted. Well, it still continues after a whole long week has elapsed. The serpentine nature of the queue has become more complicated; people are falling sick, dying over the regular exhaustion and panic attacks.

people in line rupees note

So what? For a huge ‘noble’ cause like this, a few more ‘sleepless nights’ are inevitable. Perhaps, a few more days of cash crunch, a few more times of queuing up, a few more deaths. Our ‘Well Wishers’ at the social sites are having a gala time indeed! They all are busy ‘creating’ new inspirational messages ‘on a jovial note’ over this demonetisation. “We can queue up for Jio Sims, then why not to support this cause!” “Our soldiers also die fighting day in and day out to save our nation, why can’t we?” True. Really captivating thoughts! I appreciate.

But, in spite of these hoopla, let’s understand, we are suffering. The patients, patient parties, the traveller, the servicemen, the local retail businessmen, the self proclaimed ‘middle class’, the out and out illiterate villagers who don’t even have a bank account; all are suffering.

If something is planned, it must be properly implemented as well. Otherwise, the repercussions can be disastrous. The whole Nation has been shaken by this political showcasing of the demonetisation. It may either evolve a new Corruption-free country or may return to the Government as a boomerang. On a tricky note, the corruption always find new avenues; but what about honesty?

Well, probably, ‘honesty’ is also dumped for such a ‘Noble Cause’!

people 2000 rupees note

Image credits: The Huffington Post India, Reuters, thehindubusinessline.com, thebetterindia.com


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