Louise Hay has been named as one the most influential leaders of our times and she is among the top of New York Times best-seller list in history.

Her book You Can Heal Your Life had crossed the 40 million sales mark.The best part of Louise is her approach to healing and her simple techniques that anyone can apply. What is better than knowing how to heal one instead of swallowing hard medicines?

Being aware of the truths of the universe and living them in our daily lives is perhaps the only sure shot way to have health and happiness in life. But to understand and practice these laws we need teachers. We are lucky to have some masters in our present world who have presented the laws of the universe in simple handy ways. Legendary Louise Hay is one of them.

Watch her speak of the important things in life and how imperative it is to love and thank yourself.

When psychiatrists first brought forth the concept of psychosomatic diseases, it was strongly opposed by doctors worldwide. A psychosomatic disease refers to an illness that arises in the body due to our thoughts.

Today, many medical practitioners have themselves validated and supported this theory. Further proof is the placebo effect. A placebo means that a medicine is given to a patient – but actually it is nothing more than a sugar pill. The patient believes it will cure him. Surprisingly, it does!

The placebo effect is considered so important in medicine that every pharmaceutical firm has to have a placebo test for each medicine that they launch. These ultimately add more solid evidence to Louise Hay’s teachings.

Imagine if you could simply cure your pains by repeating an affirmation? when this works on you, it is far better than pushing expensive and hard antibiotics down your throat. Perhaps everyone should read You Can Heal Your Life and find wellness the natural way.