When there is no stereotype villain in the film, there is an angry dad. When we think of Kamal Mitra, he is all that is a strict and angry father. He played this irate patriarch role so ideally that we start to think that is his very composition.

Kamal Mitra is another great actor Indian cinema is blessed with. In his career he has acted in more than ninety films. The interesting thing is, when he decided to retire he was at the peak of his career.

Here are some less known facts about this master actor –

  • Kamal Mitra was born in 1912. As per today’s timeline, that is more than a hundred years ago.
  • On December 9, he was born in Burdwan. There he did his schooling from Raj Collegiate School. He joined Raj Collegiate College but then decided to pursue other fields. However, there was still some time left to start his acting days.


  • Kamal Mitra was an able sportsman. He excelled in football. As he was so fit, he joined the military. Then he became a Collector and worked for many years. Perhaps it was these experience that prepared him for the strong roles he would play later in his life.
  • At some point of his life, he was also working as a radio artist. He got married and had three children. It was some time after that the poet Kanak Mukhopadhay one day introduced Kamal Mitra to Gunomoi Banerjee. Gunomoi Banerjee was a director of Bengali films.
  • Under him, Kamal Mitra made his debut in 1943. He had a minor role to play in the film Nilangurio.
  • Kamal Mitra had no experience in acting. To make up for that, he worked hard. He read, observed and practiced for hours. This turned him from an amateur to an able actor. It was his dedication that made him reach the top. He did many roles, majorly being mythological or historical roles.
  • He was Mahishasur in the film Mahishasur Badh.


  • Later he achieved great credits as the angry father. His voice, personality and expression oozed out every drop of the role. Be it Uttam’s father in Deya Neya or Soumitra’s uncle in Barnali, he was every bit of the character he was playing.
  • Later Kamal Mitra joined the Star Theatre. Along with films, he also did theatre and jatra with Minerva, and Srirangam. He got huge accolades in all areas of acting. He played masterfully in his films.
  • While he was being reckoned as the great actor he truly was, Kamal Mitra had a change of heart and decided to retire. He had little attachment to fame or money.
  • Kamal Mitra loved books. He had a wonderful collection of books, many of which were rare and valuable. He donated all of his books to Nandan so that those can be accessed publicly.


  • Kamal Mitra later wrote an autobiography.  It was published by the name Flashback.
  • Some of his wonderful films are Vidyasagar, Deya Neya, Anandomath, Sabyasachi , Louhokapat, Ashiteo Ashiona, Sabar Uparey,  Bondu, Bhanu Pelo Lottery, Sesh Anko, Agni Pariksha, Chowringee, Teen Bhubaner Pare, PitaPutra, Thana Theke Aschi  and Barnali.
  • He made a cameo role in Ray’s Parash Pathar. He also did Debaki Bose’s Ratnadeep which was released in Hindi.


Credits: Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema, IMDB