Most of us know that the liver is the largest organ of the body. What most of us do not know is that it is also the one that we torture the most.

How do we hurt the liver?
You cans see it for yourself as we show you what the liver does for our body.

Liver cleanses us – all that we eat, absorb and breathe in. Say, the pesticides and chemical fertilizers in our fruits and vegetables land up in our blood. If the liver did not do its work, we would die of slow poisoning.  The cokes and preservatives in packaging, the fluoride in our toothpaste, the chemicals in our deos and cosmetics – all builds up in the body. Then there is the worst – alcoholic beverages – in fact any fermented stuff. The liver is now working overtime.

On top of that, if you live in a polluted city, you are absorbing carbon monoxide and more dangerously, sulphur dioxide. Now the poor liver is running 24×7 to save your life.

liver diet position in body

One way to know if your liver is working too much is to place your palm on the liver-area. It is placed on the center and right side of our body in the rib cage (see the picture), extending till the end of the rib cage. Some may find that the area is warmer than the rest of the stomach area.

This is when diseases, some life threatening, start to appear in the body.

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What can we do?
You can do two things – reduce the bad stuff as much as you can and go on a liver diet.

Using your common sense, do what you can to get rid of the bad stuff. Practically it will be very challenging. But try to use less chemical and go for more organic. Grow some of the herbs at home. Get hold of a local farmer who uses cow dung or manure for farming. Try to drink non-fermented wine.

The easiest and most effective way to save your poor liver from collapsing is to go on a liver diet.

Liver diet is simple to follow. Just remember to include a few foods in your diet.

These foods help the liver like a tonic. It helps to keep the liver do its job of keeping the body healthy. After some time, keeping a clean liver becomes a habit for you.

Here are some age, old techniques recommended by Ayurveda and Sahaja Yoga for a spring clean liver. A clean liver gives you good hair and great skin, among innumerable other benefits.

  • Drink a glass of water when you get up in the morning. Get up, brush your teeth and before anything else, drink a glass of water. This cleanses your whole digestive system.
  • Sugar cools the liver. Having sugar in a balanced way in your diet will keep your liver happy. Cane sugar is best.
  • Ginger is excellent for this organ. Take a little ginger with sugar in a spoon and then a glass of water. However, avoid ginger in hot climate.

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liver diet healthy ginger

  • Yoghurt/curd is amazing for the body. We all know the benefits of yogurt in our diet. It is also extremely beneficial to the liver. But avoid yoghurt on cold days.
  • White rice cools and balances making it an important part of the liver diet.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. A no-brainer, naturally grown fresh fruits and vegetables will keep you young and strong.
  • Soak chana (chick peas) in water and have it. Or you can make any dish with it. Chana is also a fitness favourite among athletes.

liver diet healthy chick peas

  • Black Kokum – Excellent for the liver, Make a juice by pouring hot water and sugar. Keep overnight and drink the next day.
  • Chicken in moderate amounts is good for the liver, but it should be prepared without too much oil (also chilli powder is extremely harmful).
  • These are the foods you eat but in moderation for a good liver – fried/fatty foods, red meat, butter, ice-cream, spicy food, fish, white bread, salt, milk and strong coffee. Have very less of these or just avoid – oily foods, alcohol and cheese.

Eat in moderation and stay in tune with your body. You do not have to try all; just do a little every day to pay attention to the state of your liver.

That will give a true makeover – inside and outside.

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liver diet healthy fresh woman

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