The Covid 19 has turned into a real pandemic. In fact we did not expect it to be so perilous that it will cause a nationwide or worse, a global lockdown. Perhaps for the first time in history, almost all nations of the world are one and standing against one common foe – the Corona virus.

However, the lockdown and working from home for a few weeks can be made fruitful. It does not have to get boring. In reality the lockdown has deliberately put a leash on our rushed lifestyle. It has made us spend more times with ourselves.

Here are the ways you can turn this difficult period of time into a useful one.

What to do during lockdown?

#1 Learn a new skill

Do not sit and worry about the economy. Do not ponder too much on the panic news and  instead do something useful for yourself. This is a great opportunity for most of us.

Learn a new skill. Thankfully due to the internet, whatever information you need is right there. There are many sites like Udemy where you can learn new courses. You can study Google’s online courses and get a certificate which may help you in your career.

Brush up your MS Excel skills. Improve your public speaking at home, here’s how. Upgrade your vocabulary. What was the thing you wanted to be an expert in but did not have the time for it? Do it now.

YouTube is full of videos to teach you everything you want to learn. You can also buy a Kindle ebook on a specific subject and learn from your laptop or smart phone. Amazon may not be able to deliver paperbacks but it has millions of ebooks (free and paid).

Have you wanted to learn all about aquaponics to start your new business? Or how to grow mushrooms at home? Perhaps you always wanted to learn about eco-friendly architecture for your own house?

Things You Can Do In This Lockdown Period

If you have wanted to write a book or plan that startup, this is a great time. Or learn about candle and soap making. Brush up your banking knowledge. Learn how to repair your own stuff. What do you want to learn?

Just because the world is facing a physical lockdown does not mean the online world is too. Remember that one day this crisis too will pass. Did you turn the tide and uplift yourself or did you sit at home and panic?

#2 Unleash that latent hobby

Sing, dance and write poems. Get in touch with your inner child. Often our hobbies get forgotten in the midst of your rushed daily life. Start painting again. Read your favourite stories again.

Things You Can Do In This Lockdown Period

Why is it important to have a hobby? How is it different from learning a skill?

A hobby is something you do for yourself. Without thinking much of a return. It is what we do spontaneously. A hobby makes us forget the world for a while and we are immersed in it. Time stops in a way for us.

A hobby could be anything – something artistic, a game, reading, music – you name it. It is what you like to do. It is what feeds your mind and soul.

Sometimes hobbies can be very rewarding. People who like to garden call it a complete experience in itself. It gives them physical exercise, mental peace and satisfaction. Playing a musical instrument and painting helps to express and feel ourselves deeply.

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This is also a great time to learn about cooking. Paint and reuse old stuff. Make rugs from old fabric. Do knitting.

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People say that leisure is a luxury and if it is true then during this lockdown, we have lots of it.

#3 Exercise and take care of your body

5 Things You Can Do In This Lockdown Period

Just because you are staying in does not mean you have to be a couch potato. Turn off the TV and movies and get the blood running. If you have workout accessories at home, use it well. If you do not have accessories, go for good old workouts. Try crunches, skipping, aerobics and even zumba from home. There are several videos that teach you how to do that from your own home.

Drink lots of water. Eat a balanced diet. Oil your hair and shampoo. Take care of your skin. Clean yourself inside out. Keep your bowels clear and your skin will be good too. Sleep well.

Sit in peace and just breathe. Keep your mind blank. Do not think or plan. Listen to the sounds of nature. This is a great way that helps you to calm your nerves and look good from the inside.

Your body is your greatest asset. keep it healthy and clean but do not strain it. Do not overdo anything, it may be bad for you. Respect your body and do not run after social expectations. Do a fair amount of exercise daily as it suits your body. Perhaps when you return to office after the lockdown period is over, people may look at you and wonder how you are looking so good.

# 4 Clear all clutter

Clearing your clutter is very important for everyone. Successful people have the most clear and clutter free places. So do yourself a favour and use the lockdown period to clutter free your life.

Open your desk drawers and sort through. Are there old and useless stuff? Clear it out. Clean and keep it properly arranged and filed. Open your wardrobes. Keep away old clothes you do not wear. Keep it away for donating to the needy. If anything is torn either throw it off or recycle it.

5 Things You Can Do In This Lockdown Period

Sort out your closets and almirahs. It must be filled with many things that you do not need anymore. Clear off old CDs, show pieces, and all the stuff you have been collecting all these years. Keep your house clean and dust free. This has to be done by women and men equally.

Another task is to clutter free your emails. Do you have hundreds of unread emails? Is your free GMail account running out of space? Clear out those seven year old forwarded emails. Clear out your old office emails. keep only what you may need or for reference.

Clearing your clutter is not easy as it sounds. We humans are very attached of our things, even to our old unnecessary emails. We like to download and collect images and wallpapers even if those are on the internet all the time. We still hang on to things that remind us of heartbreaks. If you want to bring something new and good, clear your cup. Make space for the fresh air and beauty to come in.

#5 Think differently 

One becomes from good to great when one knows how to use the situation for his benefit. A lockdown is as bad as you think it is. For example, a good photographer may fret that he is bound at home. A great photographer on the contrary will find out new ways to utilise what he has near him to click pictures. Here we see UK’s top photographer Mike Browne show us how to do it in a way.

Being bound to home, people are feeling uncomfortable because it has changed their routine, albeit suddenly. Life has become ‘slower’ and social life is almost nil. Do the best with what you have. Call up your friends you have not spoken to for a long time. Talk about your good times.

Spend more time talking and spending time with your spouse. It is one of the greatest joys we have. Unfortunately slowly after marriage, we forget to do that. Your spouse is one person with whom you can connect the most on all levels. Remember that you can be the best friend to your spouse and vice versa.

5 Things You Can Do In This Lockdown Period

If you have kids at home or other family members, this is your time for all to come together and communicate. Think what more can you do?

Break your old patterns and start fresh. While you work from home, this will also be a wonderful opportunity to rediscover your life in a new way.