Rasikbil is a place to let go of your office worries, relationship problems and daily life. Simply submit to the beauty of nature and forget everything else.
Situated 470 km away from Kolkata is the wetland of Rasikbil. Rasikbil’s location is very unique. It is sitting at the foot of the Sintura Hill which is part of the great Himalayas. The Rasikbil area is made of a beautiful lake with an area of 175 hectares. It comes under the district of Coochbehar.  This is the loved home of hundreds of birds, turtles and reptiles.
Nagurhaat, Atasmochar and Bochamari are three dense forests that surround the Rasikbil Lake. These forests are home to pythons and leopards. You can also plan an adventurous trip to these woods with a guide.


Rasikbil is a bird haven. You can spend the whole day at the beautiful tower watching the birds. Take a boat and float amongst the beautiful birds in the lake. The lake is also a habitat for freshwater fish like the borali.
There is also the deer park and crocodile rehabilitation centre to get some more excitement. Pay a visit to the leopard house, python house and tortoise house and have an unforgettable time. Photographers will have a very happy time here as well.

89_2This belt of nature is also full of rare flowers and plants. Actually Rasikbil forms a marshland, which means that the land is covered with shallow water and swamp. Further morea  marshland is a great habitat spot for birds and many kinds of amphibian and fish.
While in Rasikbil if you want to go visit Cooch Behar, be sure to see the famous Baneshwar temple and the Madan Mohan temple. The Royal Palace is also a popular spot.

How to go

  • Bagdogra is the nearest airport. Also, the second nearest airport will be Kolkata. If you land at Bagdogra, you have to come to Siliguri and then further to Rasikbil.
  • If you come by train, get down at New Cooch Behar railway station to go Rasikbil. From there it will be only 35 km away. You can get cars from the station to Rasikbil.
  • The nearest station to Rasikbil is Kamashkhaguri. It is just 6 km away from Rasikbil but very few trains have a stop there. You may find this station in Guwahati bound trains from Kolkata.
  • Bus or hired car – You can also go to Rasikbil from Coochbehar. Or take a route from Siliguri or Jalpaiguri.
  • Rasikbil is 74 km away from Alipurduar.


Where to stay

Stay at the Rasikbil Nature Resort of WBFDC (West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Limited).  Food and lodging in cottage as well as dormitory is available here. Room charges start from Rs. 900.
You can visit Rasikbil anytime of the year except the monsoons in the months of June to August. The best time to come here is October to February where the place turns into a paradise with the arrival of migratory birds.


Image credits: kolkataonwheels.com, happytrips.com, bednews.in, photoburst.net