Lord Ganesha is adored all over the world for being cute and lovable. However, that is just one of the aspects of this multi faceted deity. The truth is that Lord Ganesh, apart from being nice and a connoisseur of food – he is one of the toughest characters out there. He is as strict as he is soft, he is as lovable and equally punishing.

What we fail to understand in religion is that the work of a deity is to impart the sense of right and wrong in the person – whether you believe or not. Laws are neutral everywhere. The laws of nature are the same for everyone. Gravity exists whether you are a Hindu, Christian or Muslim and is not dependent upon belief.

Here are five facets of Shree Ganesha we do not realize exists and encompasses everyone in the society.

Things Lord Ganesha Does Not Like 

# He does not like dishonesty and cunningness

Lord Ganesha is the epitome of auspiciousness and purity. He is often depicted as a child because as children we carry his characteristics. As we grow we learn to be cunning and other tricks of the trade.

lord shiva and lord ganesha

Shree Ganesh keeps a check on people who feel that dishonesty will take them anywhere they want. They do, only for a while. He plays tricks with them trying to show them the right path. If the person is truly intelligent, he starts to understands life and improves.

The person who does not, Lord Ganesha makes way for him to create a hellish life for himself. This can manifest in life in many ways like disease, family problems and other ways.

There are some people who would worship the deity and show off the world how pious they are, but it is all in vain. Ganesha knows the darkness that is in your heart, no matter how clever you are. Being a good person who does not do puja is more valuable to him than one who does false worship.

The workings of the deity is very subtle but with love and kindness. Lord Ganesha is the wisdom within us and exists within each one of us. He can be reached without the need to rituals or puja, a heartfelt desire to connect is sufficient.

# Character is important

The epitome of innocence does not like sleazy people who look at every single person as a sex point. Having a poor character is the greatest sin against Lord Ganesha.

The concept of purity in character has been stressed through thousands of years. Unfortunately due to some evil-minded people, the concept of purity and virginity had been pushed onto women. This is an absolutely false idea. The purity of men is as important as women. It is about being a pure human, not a man or woman.

Lord Ganesha meaning

The concept of purity is not only based on physical relationship but also on the mental level. Watching pornography, looking at others with lust are good enough to weaken your character. A lot of people like to read books with high sexual content, often called as soft porn.

All these activities go against Shree Ganesh. The eyes are spoiled and people develop many diseases in the pelvic plexus. AIDS is one of the diseases that the human body catches when Lord Ganesha has abandoned the person because of the sleaziness. Since we come here with a free will, we are free to choose the path we want to take.

Learn to see and enjoy another person without putting sex in it. This wisdom was there when we were kids and truly enjoyed life.

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# He teaches forgiveness

Forgiveness is the most prevalent poison of our society right now. How many of us hate our ex-lovers, bosses, relatives and even our own family?

One of the deepest messages of Lord Ganesha is to forgive. It is also the most difficult thing to do because we feel that the person goes unpunished. What we do not realize is that by forgiving, we save ourselves from pain.

Lord Ganesha story

If a person has wronged us, he is bound by the law of cause and effect. Also called as karma, it is run by nature and the wrong deeds cannot be hidden from providence.

We need to forgive because once we do that we feel that a we have let go of a burden. We were carrying a weight on our shoulders causing up pain and tiredness. We feel light and happy. We set ourselves free. This is wisdom in action.

# No jealousy

Jealousy makes us small. Lord Ganesha is here to lift us up and to show us how to enjoy life in the best way. . He inspires us to work hard and truly live the life of our dreams.

Why focus on others? If you do not have something that someone else has, accept it with humility. If you want it, go earn it or learn it – in a decent manner. If you cannot, forget it and enjoy what you have now.

Lord Ganesha symbolism

Life is happier when we focus on ourselves. Think happy thoughts. Avoid people who show off their money or stuff or who are of jealous nature. Enjoy the company of people who are cool and mature and do not put others down.

Lord Ganesha shows us how to reach our full potential as a human being. For that we have to get over our petty stuff. A king is never jealous. If he ever is, he is like a beggar and not a true king.

Jealousy changes people and pulls them down. Then we makes foolish mistakes. So if you are feeling jealous towards anyone, drop it right away. Get up and live your happy life.

# He bursts the bubble of ego and arrogance

The Asura king Ravana had dedicated himself to deep study and asceticism and as a result became very knowledgeable. But the life of Ravana is a very good example for us to see what happens when we act as jerks.

Knowledge becomes wisdom if there is no ego. When there is ego, no matter how highly educated you may be, you will become something else. Ravana turned from a saint to a full fledged arrogant emperor insulting everyone including his wife and father. He would think no end of himself. With time, he became a cruel plunderer and everything demonic. It all started with his ego that he knows a lot and he is special.

Here it was Lord Ganesha who gave Ravan a very big lesson in life. Ravana’s ego was broken as told in the tale of the Baidyanath Jyotirling of Deoghar.

who is Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is an expert at breaking egos and bursting the bubbles of arrogance. So just stay humble, do not hurt or insult others. Treat people with care, especially the ones who work below you. You are reading this because someone has built your phone and PC, someone else is working to give you electric charge and the internet is running because hundreds are working for it. What good are we alone?

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Ganesh Meaning 

The word Ganesh is Sanskrit, standing for two words “Gan” and “Ish” wich literally means the lord of the ganas. Ganas are special beings who work under him to save and protect people from negativity.

Ganesh is known by several other names. He is said to be ‘pratham pujya’, that is the first to be worshipped. What this means is that the basis of every task, desire or action should be based on goodness and fairness.

The concept of Ganesh is prevalent in all religions. In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is depicted as the beloved son of Shiva and Parvati. So he is the Son of the Father Almighty, expressed in Jesus Christ. Jesus is also the epitome of auspiciousness, purity and innocence and has a very holy Mother. In fact, in the Devi Mahatyam which was composed at least five thousand years ago, a hint was given that Ganesha will walk as the greatest of men and will be born and called as Issa. The greatest teaching of Jesus Christ is also forgiveness and purity of character. This means Jesus and Ganesha are the same characters and both must be equally respected and worshipped.

Lord Ganesha and his Mother

Even in Islam, Ganesha has been expressed Hassan and Hussain. They were the grandsons of the holy Prophet Mohamed and were born of a pure and divine woman, Fatimah. Hassan and Hussain expressed Ganesha in every word, task and deed. They were pure in character and free from jealousy. They respected Jesus Christ and in every way followed his teachings. In fact Prophet Mohammed, Hassan and Hussain were all poisoned or executed – all they forgave each one of the criminals. Like Christ, they let themselves be sacrificed for the greater good.

In ancient Greece, the shrine of the child was worshipped in the temple of goddess Athena.

No wonder great minds have said that all religions are the same.

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Symbolism Of Ganesha 

Lord Ganesha was born as the Om when the universe was created. He is also expressed as the Hindu swastika sign. He is also expressed by the alpha and the omega symbols, hence the phrase.

The deity does not need a physical form to exist. But when the characteristic of deity needs to be reached by us normal people on earth, it manifests as a form. It can be understood as light. It does not have a form but we perceive it in physical existence.

The form of Ganpati is the cuddly, lovable image that is immensely popular all over the world. With an elephant head, large ears, one tusk and a round belly, his idols and paintings are very popular in art.


Each and every little symbol of Ganesha imagery has meaning. The side the trunk is curved, why he has one tusk. The elephant head symbolises the need to reach the highest stage of evolution and be full of wisdom.

He is shown sometimes as a child and sometimes as an adult in warrior form. The prayer to the deity describes him as the one who has a large body and is shining like a million suns.

Vakra-Tunda Maha-Kaaya Surya-Koti Samaprabha,
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva,  Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvadaa.

The truth is, it is difficult to describe all the characteristics of Shree Ganesha in words so it made into an image. An image can speak a million things that words cannot. It is not important to analyse each symbol but to put the image to our hearts and absorb all that He has to teach us.

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