One of the old is gold melodies is Achcha Jee Main Haari from the film Kaala Pani. Here we see the charming Dev Anand and the ever beauteous Madhubala together. The beautiful couple lip syncs with the legendary singers Asha Bhonsle and Mohd. Rafi. The talented SD Burman composed music to this film.
While you enjoy this song, you cannot help but enjoy the indignant expressions of Dev Anand. Furthermore, Madhubala does a great job with her sweet and playful but sublime facial antics. Along with the singers’ performance, the actors have created such a wonderful song sequence that it is impossible to not praise.

Kaala Pani
Kaala Pani is basically made upon the novel Beyond This Place. In 1955, the Bengali film Sabar Upaarey was first made upon which Kaala Pani was done. Dev Anand acted and produced this film. Kaala Pani was released in 1958 and was directed by Raj Khosla.
Kaala Pani has a gripping tale of a son who comes to know that his father is not dead but imprisoned. Dev Anand plays the character Karan.
Karan’s mother hid this fact from him because she was ashamed of her husband. She believes that he committed a murder and enjoyed the company of a prostitute. By lying to her son, she wished to protect him from the harsh truth that his father is sentenced to life imprisonment.
Karan is however shocked to hear that his father is alive and goes to meet him. There he discovers that his father has been falsely implicated. Karan is determined to get his father out of imprisonment and decides to dig it out himself.
He goes through old newspapers to find out what was going on then. In the meantime he meets Asha, a journalist played by Madhubala. Karan and Asha are gradually drawn to each other.
Eventually he meets the police officer who investigated this case. He ponders over this a decade and a half old case. He does seem to remember a few things. Following his cues, Karan starts his own undercover investigation. Under a guise, he visits the prostitute who has in her possession a letter. This letter will might be the key to prove his father’s innocence.
As the story unfolds, masks start to slip off the faces. However in the nick of time, the original letter is found. Karan’s father is a free man at last.