Poetry is getting lost in the rush of the hour. Poetry is everything opposite to a hectic world. It explores words, dives deep into emotions, rides the waves of rhyme. Poetry makes us wonder and feel. The pace of poetry is such that it sets us a harmonious pace – away from the mad rush of life. We need poetry, for our heart, soul and health. The rhythm of poetry can shift us from pace to peace. Consequently, it is a great way to boost your mental and physical health.  

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Here is a beautiful ode on the meaning life and love of by one of our readers and poetess.


We had built our house of sand,
When river washed it away you always lovingly held our hand.
Had our issues; lost our faith,
You showed us love even in the path of hate.

In the thunder when we started finding comfort in pain,
You gave us a reason even to smile in the teeming rain.
Even in this fast world of madness and race,
You showed us we have bond beyond time and space.

You turned my days of darkness bright and sunny,
Sadness tore you inside but still you were funny.
Taught us nothing was accomplished with tears,
You turned our coal hearts into diamonds over some years.

Poetry on love and life

You gave us divine energy, you nourished our soul,
Even with our glitches gave us love as a whole.
Who don’t know your worth may consider you just another person in the billion, 
But we love you and believe you are “one in a million”.

I might be spit balling here but I believe most of us are living for a lost cause,
That we now even breathe at a frantic pace.
Expediency has so become today’s love child,
Even life seems moving like we all are involved in a race.

Dawn of a day and hope of a new beginning is right there in front of us,
But we have no time to sit and ponder.
This life moves on at a treadmill speed,
And our soul aimlessly does wander.

Rare is the person who makes it through a single day,
Without an issue, a crisis, or heartache.
But take these bumps on the pathway of life in your stride,
And make your life a piece of cake.

This life of chaos and dilemma,
Makes all wont for somebody to call our friend.
Who would take us out of this world of paranoia, 
Who would be there with us till the very end.

We keep gazing at the sands of time, 
In this materialistic world we have lost our spiritual front.
Some come into our lives and leave behind nothing but tears, 
And hurts us where it mattered most of all and makes us real mature through the years.

God has given us all equal opportunity, 
So make the best of it all. 
I hope we all understand the underlying meaning of it, 
Before we all have our fall.

So feed your heart with love, 
Remember to make your seconds count when you have your breath. 
Have a deep well of compassion for all,
And your hatred will starve to death.

Happy life comes when you understand you should never expect, 
Trust me, fit that into the filling cabinet of your brain. 
And your happiness will flow uncurbed, 
And your smiles will never go in vain.

Life sometimes makes us trudge out of our domains and give way to sins and anger, 
But we should show appreciation more. 
And have a little more faith in people in our lives and love them, 
Like we’ve never had before.

Because remember our tombstone does not include our bank balance, 
So don’t shun the purity of your heart.
Nurture your soul and have a spiritual reflection, 
It’s never late for a start.

We all must realize that life is phenomenal, 
And take time to sit and consider what’s important and real. 
And in this crusade of a worthy life, 
Not forget the way that other people feel.

So develop a core attitude of appreciation, 
In this freeway of life and more often wear a smile.
Remembering that this only life, 
Might only last a while.

Make people feel special ’cause remember this life is not for a rent,
Maintaining sanctity of your soul needs no brands.
Stop making yourself the center of the day and drop your phony life,
Make this world a better place…c’mon let us all join our hands.

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Poetry on love and life

For You All Who Helped Me Rise Another Day

Your touch,
Your affection,
OUR intermingle.

You are the magical beings who light up my world,
Brimming with love for the bereft heart within me that burns.

Day or night you held my hand, hugged me deep, amid the wide world we did yonder sit,
With the bond of our spirit harmonious, 
Love is not a wishful thinking, 
Without your help I wouldn’t even remember it…

So petty my warmth, so wasted would my fond feelings seem, 
Did you my friend not unfold the radiant truth of life, 
Where love is not a dream!

Now a sunny day, a rainy day it matters not to me,
You helped me reach the sky, soothed me when I came to you,
And gave me wings to fly!

We are not distant,
the truth of friendship always calls our name.
So now with the warmth and magic in our souls, 
Let us lie face down on a fluffy cloud and float above the world!

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