Who does not love cheese and egg? Egg is a power food packed with many nutrients and cheese makes everything tasty. Here are some quick snack and breakfast recipes.

If you want to pamper yourself, do not wait. Go ahead and make one for yourself.

#1 Cheesy scrambled eggs

Have you tasted the cheesy version of scrambled eggs? It tastes heavenly.

cheese and egg recipe scrambled

What you need
Eggs – four
Milk – one third of a cup
Salt – half tablespoon or as per taste
Pepper powder – one third teaspoon or one tea spoon if you like it spicy
Butter or oil – two tablespoon
Mozzarella or any shredded cheese, as you like it – 4 tablespoon

How to make

This is a very simple cheese and egg recipe that hardly takes two minutes to prepare. Break the eggs in a bowl, add salt, pepper and milk. Beat it well. Add cheese to the mixture and beat again. The secret to making scrambled eggs is to aerate the mixture. The mixture will become white and fluffy. Heat a pan, add the butter. Make sure the butter does not get burnt. You can also use any refined oil.

Add the egg mixture to the pan and mix it.  Keep the flame low to medium. Keep on moving the mixture with the spatula so that the egg scrambles well. Cook for one to two minutes and switch off the flame. Transfer the scrambled eggs to a plate otherwise the cheese can get burnt or the eggs can get stiff.

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#2 French toast the cheesy way

French toast tastes great in itself but coupled with cheese, it could be the best cheese and egg out there.

cheese and egg recipe french toast

What you need
Eggs – two
Medium sized bread – two slices
Cheese: You can use two to three tablespoons of your favourite cheese. Cheese spreads also go quite well
Salt – half tablespoon or as per taste
Onion – two tablespoons of finely cut onion
Chilli – one finely cut or as per taste
Oil – two to three tablespoon
Optional: Turmeric powder – a pinch, takes away the raw smell of the eggs
Optional: Pepper powder – one third teaspoon

In a wide bowl, break the eggs. Add cheese, salt, onion and chilli. You can go ahead and add pepper to make it spicier. A pinch of turmeric can also enhance the taste. Mix it well. Take the bread and dip in the mixture s that both sides get coated properly.

In a pan heat refined oil. Keeping the flame to medium, add the egg coated bread slices. Cook each side for two minutes. If you like your French toast crispy, add a little more oil and cook for two minutes more.

Delicious cheesy French toast is ready! Enjoy it hot with tomato sauce.

Tips: You can add vegetables of your choice to the French toast. Adding finely cut capsicum, tomato and spring onion will make it more delicious.

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#3 Cheese omelette

What is better than omelette? Cheese omelette!

cheese and egg recipe omelette indian
One of the tastiest cheese and egg recipes, see the full instructions here.

#4 Poached eggs on cheese toast

What you need
Eggs – two
Salt – half tablespoon or as per taste
Pepper powder – one third teaspoon or one tea spoon if you like it spicy
Butter – one tablespoon
Mozzarella or any shredded cheese, as you like it – two to three tablespoon
Bread – two slices
Oil – half a tablespoon

cheese and egg recipe poach toast

How to make
Take a slice of bread, butter on both the sides. On one side put the shredded cheese. Heat a pan or oven and toast the bread with the cheese side up. Keep it on a plate.

In the pan heat just a little oil. Keeping the flame to low or medium, break the egg slowly and cook the egg with the sunny side up. When the egg poach is done place it on the toasted bread. Sprinkle salt and pepper as per your taste. Your cheese poached agg is ready!

Tips: You can add a layer of tomato sauce on top of the buttered layer and then put the cheese. You can also add a pinch of oregano with the cheese.

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#5 Shirred eggs, and also the Indian way

Shirred eggs are rich and creamy like nothing else. You have to taste it to believe the joint deliciousness of cheese and egg with cream.
Two recipes are given here for you. The first will be the original recipe which needs baking. The second one, that is the Indian version, is quicker and will be prepared in a frying pan.

cheese and egg recipe shirred Indian

What you need
Eggs – two
Mozzarella or any shredded cheese – two to three tablespoon
Cream – two to three tablespoon, fresh or whipping
Salt – half tablespoon or as per taste
Pepper powder – one third teaspoon or one tea spoon if you like it spicy
Butter – one tablespoon
Oregano or dry herbs – one teaspoon
Optional: Chilli – one, finely cut

How to make

Original shirred egg recipe: Take a ramekin (a small baking cup). Line it with butter. Beat the cream well and then add half of it in the ramekin. Take one egg and break it. Carefully pour the egg on the ramekin. With a fork, try to set the yolk in the centre. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and cheese on top of it. Bake it for about ten to fifteen minutes. Cool it for five minutes and then enjoy it.

Indian shirred egg recipe: An easier and quicker version of the shirred egg is to make it on a pan. It may not give the desired fluffy effect of baking but still tastes great.

In a bowl beat the eggs. Add cheese, cream, salt and pepper. Add additional chillies if you want. In a frying pan, put a teaspoon of butter and heat it. Pour the mixture and cover it. Keep the flame to medium and cook for five minutes.

Enjoy it with a toast for breakfast.

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#6 Creamed egg on toast and sandwich
This is a wholesome and filling meal full of the goodness and taste off cheese and egg.

cheese and egg recipe creamed sandwich

What you need
Eggs – one hardboiled
Any cheese – two to three tablespoon
Milk – one cup
All purpose flour (maida) – one tablespoon
Salt – half tablespoon or as per taste
Pepper powder – one teaspoon
Butter – one tablespoon
Bread – two slices
Optional: Oregano – one teaspoon

How to make

In a pan melt butter in medium heat taking care that it does not get burnt. Add a teaspoon of all purpose flour (maida) and whisk well. Add a little milk and mix well. Keep on adding and whisking. Add the salt, pepper and cheese. Oregano can also be added. Whisk well and put off the flame. The sauce can dry quickly so remove it from the stove. Chop the boiled eggs well and add to the white sauce.

Butter the bread and toast it. In a plate place the toast and with a spoon layer the egg sauce mixture on it. Enjoy it warm.

You can also make a sandwich. Toast the bread slices and put the mixture between it.

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#7 Cheesy egg Frittata the Indian way

Frittata is a one pot meal to satisfy your hunger with your cheese and egg craving. Frittata is basically a big heavy omelette. Here is an Indian variation of this scrumptious recipe.

cheese and egg recipe frittata indian

What you need
Eggs – five
Any cheese – one third of a cup
Milk – half cup
Onion – one big, chopped
Chilli – two, chopped
Garlic – one tablespoon finely chopped
Capsicum – one, finely chopped
Tomato – one, chopped
Mushroom – freshly sliced, about one cup
Salt – one tablespoon or as per taste
Pepper powder – one teaspoon
Butter or oil – three tablespoon
Coriander leaves: finely chopped, as per taste

How to make

In a pan, heat the butter or refined oil. Add the sliced onion, garlic and capsicum. Saute for a few minutes and then add to it the tomatoes and mushroom. The mushroom will release water and cook till it dries up. Add salt and pepper. Also put the coriander leaves. In it we have to add the egg mixture.

In a bowl crack the eggs and add a little salt and pepper to it (keep it less as the mixture already has these). Pour the milk and cheese and mix well.

Pour the egg mixture on the pan and mix everything well. Cover the pan, reduce the flame to low and let it cook for five minutes. Remove the lid and flip it over, cover with lid and cook for a few more minutes.

When it is done, place the frittata on a plate and cut it like pizza slices. Enjoy this delicious cheese and egg dish.

Tips: You can add sautéed chicken cut into small pieces instead of the mushroom. You can also use salamis for this recipe. You can also add a little turmeric powder to this recipe and any more herbs of your choice. Spring onions also taste great in this frittata recipe.

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