The Bengali New Year day has always been so special for me not because of the good foods made on this day as a part of a Bengali family or the new dress which I receive every year as a part of the celebration, but because of our tradition to visit the Dakhineshwar Temple.

Every year on this day we get up early morning to pay our homage to Goddess kali, for a well and prosperous year ahead.

It was same for that year too. It was special for me because I had just completed my 2nd semester, and I had to pray hard this time to get passing marks at least.

As a normal part of the day, the temple was overcrowded by people. Men and women had different queues for entering and offering at the temple.

When I and my family entered the premises of the temple, we were greeted by the crowd with unwelcoming looks as we realized every person inside was exhausted due to the immense heat of the sun during that part of the day and wearing new dress and carrying their offerings.

We slowly became the part of the crowd.

After a long wait in the queue, I informed my mother that I wanted to go the ghat and also bring some water from Ganga.

I was wearing a cotton white red traditional saree which was so rare that I could not miss the opportunity to take few selfies with a perfect back ground at the Ganga ghat.

I ran to that part of the premises when I was shocked to see the crowd has doubled there. I managed to find a place where I could stand a bit away from the crowd and take few selfies and pictures for the river and its overcrowded ghats.

While I was returning back to my family in a splash of seconds I felt something pushing me and I fell of the stairs in the ghat and started rolling down. When I regained my consciousness I was laying in one of the stairs and somebody was holding my hands.

I got up and looked at the face. He was a boy may be a man and aged in between 25-28 and was wearing a white kurta. He helped me get up and gave me some water to drink. I saw my cell phone with him which was almost broken and I started crying.

He laughed at the beginning and then said, “You can make calls from my phone also if you want.” I looked at him and took his phone to call my sister but in vain. The phone rang but none answered.

I informed him the place where my family must be waiting for me and asked him what exactly happened.

He informed me that while I was checking my phone for something, few men from the crowd were trying to catch a thief and they managed to push me off the staircase. I could not keep the balance and fell off the stair when he held me and saved me.

So he was my SAVIOUR …. I felt good and thanked him. My sister called me back at his number by this time and I informed her that I was not well and was waiting for them outside the temple. She asked me to wait there as it was not possible for them to come out now as they were still in the queue about to enter the temple.

My SAVIOUR by that time has brought me another bottle of cold water and a packet of biscuits. I was in love…in love with his smile, the way he took care of me holding my hands while I managed to walk and take a place comfortably to sit.  So much care and love was so nice to feel.

He sat beside me and opened the packet of biscuit and offered me one. I took it from him and ate it. We were quiet but I felt so good.

He then gave me my broken phone and I saw him smiling. I got a bit offended and asked the reason and the answer made me shocked. He said, “I am feeling bad that all your selfies got deleted and you may not be able to get them now… ”

Okay!! So he saw me taking my selfies .. I smiled back and said, ” did you see me taking selfies, I did not see you, where were you?”
“I was just beside the tree, where you leaned to take your perfectly pouted selfies.”
We laughed…

Yes, he was so perfect!

I felt that I had known him for ages. We spoke about our families and the temple visit and how often we came here. I came to know that he was working in an MNC and had came to the temple on this day along with his friends who were as usual late.

We spoke about our new dresses and how my new saree had fallen apart after my fall from the stairs. He brought me cold drinks and also bandage to put on my arm where I was hurt.

Time flew away so fast just sitting and talking with him. He told me about his plans for the rest of the day, how he and his friends decided for a grand lunch and then a drink party in one of their secret place. I secretly admired each word he said and wanted to say, “Please take me along…I am fine joining you to the party..”

Each word he spoke made me fall in love with his voice, his eyes and his little smile on his face made it a perfect one.

Then that question came and he asked me, “You have a boyfriend?”
I was totally confused.
Should I say “YES” or a “NO”. A “yes” may take him a step back and maybe I will lose his companionship or a “no” can make him think “what the … she is in her college and do not have a boyfriend..must be a backdated stupid girl!!.
“O God help me out!!” I screamed silently and helplessly..

I replied, “Yes, no…I mean am not sure.”
He laughed at the reply saying, “Oh Ok …friend zoned…just friends.”
We laughed together again.
Silly jokes, small talks and time… all seemed so perfect and awesome. I was totally in love with all these along with him.

It was time for saying BYE as my sister has arrived to take me home. I said “NO …I don’t want go home”. My sister thanked him after I informed her how he helped me and said a bye to him.

I wanted to say so many things, but my voice could only say, “BYE and thank you.”

I got inside the car and looked back from the glass, he was waving GOODBYE. My car moved forward and I felt drifted away from him and few seconds later he was lost amidst the crowd.

For some time I remained silent and felt pained; hurt and speechless. My brain suddenly worked. I should have taken his phone number. “Oh no!!” I missed it.

I tried all social media’s finding him but could not find him … Cursed Love!! Is all I now convince myself.
It has been 4 years since then; still now “Poila Baishak” is just this beautiful feeling of Love and belonging-ness… I still miss him…

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