But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! ~ Rocky Balboa

If you are looking for inspiration – real, serious motivation – Manohar Aich is the Man. He is the stuff that heroes are made of.

His life is an ideal story for a film. Life has taken him through ups and downs – but he never succumbed to the blues. He just would not give up, try what may.

Mr. Universe Manohar Aich is not only matter of inspiration for bodybuilders worldwide but also to all people around the world. He is a true son of India.

Here are five times Manohar Aich showed that he was the real no-nonsense champ.

#1 He suffered a lot in childhood

Manohar Aich

At the tender age of twelve, the little Manohar Aich suffered from a bout of kala-azar (black fever). Kala azar was a cruel disease and in the 1920s it was considered almost fatal. But Manohar Aich fought and survived – but it left him a pathetically weakened state.

With a broken health, he started to do physical fitness exercises. Slowly he regained his health. No one would have imagined that this weak boy will bend steel with his teeth someday.

#2 He was too short

Manohar Aich bodybuilder bengali famous

Manohar Aich was only 4 feet 11 inches. And it did not impress many people. But height was just a number for him.

He trained in bodybuilding, wrestling and weightlifting so well that people were simply speechless. People came to see this Hercules from far and wide.

He started doing shows with P.C. Sorcar ( the Senior magician). The show ‘Physique and Magic’ became very popular.

Thousands of young men were inspired by him to build their physique. With a better and stronger body, these men became more confident and better personalities.

#3 He slapped a British officer

Manohar Aich bodybuilder bengali famous

Seeing his fantastic physique, he was enrolled into the Royal Air Force, UK’s air force. But things did not go well there. He could not tolerate a British officer’s insulting remark on his motherland. He slapped him hard and taught him a lesson he would remember for life.

Oh, we love it!

#4 He practiced in jail

Manohar Aich bodybuilder bengali famous

Slapping this rude officer lands him in jail with a court martial – but with a light heart and his head held high. He kept his training going in the jail cell. It was more than difficult now without any proper meals. Talk of determination!

As Manohar Aich kept practicing in jail, it touched the heart of a good British officer. Seeing his dedication, he was allowed a special diet so that he could carry on.

#5 He is not a quitter

After 1947, Manohar Aich started to sell coconuts in the Sealdah station. Along with that he continued his training to compete for the Mr. Universe show.

In 1950, he won the prestigious Mr. Hercules contest and in 1952, the world honoured him as Mr. Universe. Even today, he is revered by bodybuilders worldwide.

He uplifted many, many Indians and among his many students is the famous Premchand Dogra. Even till his last day at the age of 104, he was a winner.

The universe salutes people like Manohar Aich.

Manohar Aich bodybuilder bengali famous