May Ashtami bring health, wealth & happiness in your life

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It is Maha Ashtami. The judgment day for Mahishasura, the buffalo headed demon from the lower regions of hell. Maa Durga is our ultimate protector and guardian. She gives us assurance that we can overcome the demons inside us.

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ashtami ecard

Ashtami is the day Goddess Durga killed Mahishasura, the buffalo-demon. Devotees are once again awed at her courage and power. Fresh flowers and holy objects are offered at the feet of the Goddess. The blue lotus holds a special place in this ritual.

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The celebration has reached its peak. People bath and purify themselves and wear new clothes and then offer prayers and devotion to the Mother.

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Mother Durga’s all warrior forms or yoginis are also worshipped that day- Durga, Jayanti, Mangola Kali, Bhadra Kali, Kapalini, Kshama Dhatri, Siva, Svaha and Svadha.

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Another interesting ritual on this day is the Kumari Puja where young girls are worshipped. It is believed that they are as sacred as the goddess and are vessels of the dormant feminine energy that is capable of killing all the negative entities of our existence.

In the evening is Sandhipuja and this is to commemorate the occasion when Durga turned into her very fearful form, Chamunda to wipe off the buffalo – demon and protect her innocent children. 108 diyas or lamps are lighted.

Extract from the book Durga Puja : The greatest festival of Bengal in a photographic journey by Shirsendu Sengupta