Dark Clouds cover the whole sky,
and floats up and up so high.
Charged with thunder and lightning in the atmosphere
Creatures like peacocks and frogs start to cheer.

After a long scorching summer
Monsoon is here to cool down the atmosphere.
The smell of soil is something special
and trees start dancing along with leaves start to rustle.

Farmers start rejoicing
since time is here for sowing.
Looking over the dark clouds and thunder
Peacock starts to dance by spreading out its feather.

monsoon rains peacock dancing

Ponds and rivers are filled up with water again
the chain of new life on Earth has already begun with the rain.
Fishes swim with a happiness sound
frogs hop and hop all around.

Little kids playing in the puddle,
passing over all muddy hurdle.
Raincoats and Umbrellas are must entity,
still it’s difficult on wet roads to maintain the equity.

monsoon rains raincoat

Paper boats are favourite game of children,
singing merrily the song of rain.
Falling sick does not break their spirit,
monsoon comes once a year and that  stays in the spotlight.

Don’t sit at home lazily,
enjoy the monsoon outside the home whole heartedly.
Take out some time from your busy time table,
monsoon is awaiting  to double your happiness level.

Sit near the window and write a poem,
Or else take a paint brush and draw a beautiful green lane.
When bored with everything,
rush to the green meadows and like free soul play anything.

monsoon flower lotus

Family time is best during monsoon,
Go for an indoor party or family reunion.
Even try some special monsoon delicacy,
with an interesting novel and some hot filter coffee

Enjoy this rainy season in a good mood,
along with  some spicy and hot Indian food.
Monsoon is back on Earth
to bestow coolness in our path.

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I am Adya Upasana Routray. Currently I am pursuing my graduation from Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University. I love to read novels particularly suspense and thriller, write poems, watch movies and spend time with family. I even enjoy listening music. My family and friends are my biggest strength. I believe family time is the best time. And when it comes to monsoon I feel like enjoying it with them completely. Hence, I dedicate these articles to all my friends, cousins and family for making my life so beautiful.