The beautiful land of India is dotted with some of the most amazing islands. These beautiful islands in India make great holiday destinations. Some of these islands are quite ready for tourism. Some islands offer warm home stays while some only a day trip. But all these beautiful islands in India give one of kind experience to the traveller.

Here are some of the most beautiful islands in India for the wanderlust traveller inside of you:

Pamban Island

Starting at the island that is at the tip of India, Pamban is one island that should not be missed. Pamban has everything – amazing island, beach and living mythology.

To reach Pamban from Tamil Nadu, there is a two-kilometre long bridge across the Gulf of Munnar. Imagine a train ride on the sea! There is also a bridge for cars and you can go in one and return in the other, getting the best of both the experiences.

Most Beautiful Islands in India pamban

Rameshwaram is in Pamban and you can see the shivalinga that Lord Ram had made himself before his battle with the demon Ravan. You can also stand on Mt. Gandamadana, the hillock where Lord Ram had stood and planned his journey towards the island of Lanka.

Pamban is an amazing holiday destination as well. The beach is not crowded. You can experience the beauty of Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and The Indian Ocean from one destination. Camps are opening up for tourist near the beach. There are homely cottages and hotels in Pamban for your next vacation.

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Munroe Island

Munroe Island is most famous for its Kallada Boat Race during Onam. The green island is also famous for its coir making and lagoons. Formed by the Asthamudi Lake and Kallada River, this destination is definitely one of the most beautiful islands in India.

Most Beautiful Islands in India munroe

Munroe Island is filled with canals. Fishing boats there will take you on a leisurely ride under the low bridges. It is also a great spot to watch birds.

Munroe Island has beautiful resorts surrounded by greenery and lakes. It makes a great honeymoon destination if you like solitude and serenity.

St. Mary’s Islands

St. Mary’s is one the most spectacular and beautiful islands in India. Four islands make the St. Mary’s – Coconut Island, North & South Island and the Daryabahadurgarh Island.  The name of St. Mary’s was given by Vasco Da Gama himself as it was probably the first Indian land to have reached.

Most Beautiful Islands in India st.mary's

St. Mary’s is a strange place. All over one can see strange hexagonal rocks butting out of the earth. These are one of a kind in the world and are hailed as geological monuments. Actually these four islands are made up of solidified lava. It is believed that at one point of time, Madagascar was part of this Indian island before it drifted away.

St. Mary’s makes a great photography spot. However there are no hotels to stay here. You can stay at Mangalore or at Udupi. Boat rides will take you to St. Mary’s where you can enjoy the beautiful coconut lined beaches and hundreds of birds. The beaches here are not suitable for swimming but are special in a different way. All along the beach are strewn thousands of sea shells of every kind. This is something so unique that tourists come here to simply explore and pick these shells.

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Bhavani Island

In the midst of the mighty Krishna River is the Bhavani Island. Named after Goddess Bhavani, it is one of the biggest river islands in the country.

Most Beautiful Islands in India bhavani

Bhavani Island is about 4 km from the city of Vijaywada. The Andhra Tourism department has opened a beautiful resort with cottages for the tourists to stay and enjoy the natural beauty. From the island you can visit the Kanaka Durga Temple, the caves of Akkanna Madanna and Undavalli and see the Prakasam barrage.

Diu Island

Diu is definitely one of the most beautiful islands in India. Diu Island is in Kathiawar peninsula, just off the mainland of Gujarat. In a way it is also underrated as Daman and Diu hardly make the headlines for travelers.

Diu Island is everything for the tourist. It has the perfect sandy beach and there are old churches, caves and hillocks. The shoe shaped Nagoa beach is filled with palm trees. This serene and exotic beach is loved by visitors. Many other beaches like the Ghogla are also very popular.

Most Beautiful Islands in India diu

There is also the Naida Cave to explore. One of the most visited places in Diu is the Gangeshwar Temple with five shivalingas.

The Shell Museum is perfect for sea lovers. For the photographers, Diu Island has the perfect Sunset Point at the hillock in Chakritirath Beach.

Diu has many places that show the Portuguese touch. Visit the Diu Fort and the lighthouse. There are also gorgeous Gothic churches like the St. Paul’s and St. Thomas Church.

Diu is connected by air and road well. It has its own airport at Nagoa.

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Grande Island, Goa

One of the most exotic and beautiful islands in India, do not miss Ilha Grande in your trip to Goa. Many tour operators provide an affordable day trip to Grande Island. They will pick you from the hotel, take you on a jetty cruise and drop you back.

Most Beautiful Islands in India grande goa

Grande Island is great place for snorkelling and fishing. In a trip to this place, you can enjoy the sight of dolphins that play around the island. You can take a dip in the waters of the Arabian Sea and get a refreshing swim. Most tour packages offer angling to the tourists along with drinks and a steaming lunch. Take pleasure in the sunny Monkey Beach at Grande Island.

Agatti Island, Bangaram Atoll and Kalpeni in Lakshadweep Islands

The beauty of Lakshadweep cannot be described in words. Not only is it one of the most beautiful islands in India but also on planet earth. In Sanskrit, Lakshadweep means the land of hundred thousand islands.

Lakshadweep is a coral paradise and Agatti is where you can experience this wonderful phenomenon of nature. Agatti is one of the few islands in Lakshadweep open to tourists with permits. There are only two places to stay in this paradise – Agatti Island Beach Resort and the Sea Shells Beach Resort. The pictures of this place speak for themselves.

Most Beautiful Islands in India lakshadweep agatti

Bangaram Atoll is one those places that will give you the taste of a Caribbean paradise in India. There are four islands in this atoll and only the main Bangaram Island is occupied with a population of 10 people. The Bangaram Island Beach Resort and the Thinnakara Resort has the dreamiest cottages. Go scuba diving and snorkeling in the waters. Or simply languish in the beauty of nature.

Visit the Kalpeni Island to if you love lighthouses. Along with that the beach of Kalpeni is shallow and calmer. You can easily see the corals and the colourful fishes. Go for snorkeling in these crystal clear waters.

The only airport in Lakshadweep is in Agatti and is probably the smallest and most beautiful airport of India. This aerodrome has only one airstrip. Ship and ferry services are available in different locations.

Most Beautiful Islands in India lakshadweep aerodrome

All over Lakshadweep you will nature at its best. The beaches are sandy white, the waters crystal clear. You can see fishes and marine creatures swim around you. See the corals firsthand. This vacation will change you forever.
Generally a permit for Lakshadweep is valid for fifteen days only so plan accordingly.

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Gundu Pearl Island

Gundu Island in Kochi is a tiny island with a lot of future. This 5 acre island is a beautiful gem full of coconut trees. Earlier this islet was famous for its coir products. Many foreign vessels would stop and buy its fine items.

Most Beautiful Islands in India gundu

After the coir factory closed, this island was bought by the Tata Group of Hotels. Today it is the off shore destination of the Taj Malabar. One of the most beautiful islands in India has become a great tourist destination.  Gundu is also opening up for water sports and adventure activities. Gundu Island is just a boat ride away from Kochi.


Imagine an emerald green island filled with dense evergreen forests, orchids and elephants. Kerala is called God’s Own Country for a reason.

Most Beautiful Islands in India kuruvadweep

Kuruvadweep is actually a group of small islands formed by the delta on the Kabini River. To enter these islets you have to take a permit from the Kerala Tourism Department. The flora and fauna is so rich and dense that it is especially protected by the government.

Kuruvadweep is fast becoming a very popular destination. It is only 10 km away from Pulpally and 17 km away from 17 km from Mananthavady. You can stay in the hotels here and take a trip to these Kuruva islands. Enjoy the forest, streams and wildlife. A journey is Kuruvadweep is unforgettable.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the most picturesque, unique and beautiful islands in India. It is also a global destination like no other. This Union Territory has over 550 islands out of which less than forty are inhabited. Some of these islands are very valuable as these are home to such tribes who have not been in contact with the modern world till now and still exist in the Stone Age.

Andaman and Nicobar is that ultimate island destination one dreams off. One trip is not enough. There is too much to see, explore and experience. There is history in the walls of the Cellular Jail and geography in multitude forms.

Most Beautiful Islands in India andaman nicobar

The flora and the fauna are preserved as special as the place itself. Andaman is home to the dugong, the playful sea cow. Wild boars, bats, pythons, rodents and hundreds of species of butterflies roam in these landmass. It also houses the salt water crocodile, turtles and sharks in its waters. Its swimming elephants are quite popular.

These beautiful islands are like jewels in the Bay of Bengal and a traveler’s ultimate vacation spot. You can scuba dive, snorkel, sea walk, go fishing or simply laze under the sun on the exotic beaches. There are many places on these islands to choose from for your next vacation.

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Biggest island in India

Majuli Island

Situated in the largest river of India, the Brahmaputra, is one of the largest and most beautiful islands in India. Majuli is about 300 kilometres away from Guwahati. This is a river island between Brahmaputra and Lohit and India’s only river island district.

Most Beautiful Islands in India majuli

Majuli is stunningly green and rich in life. As soon as you step on this place, all the chaos and sounds of the world fade away. Boats wade through the blue waters making gentle splashing sounds and the bird calls will fill your ears.

At one time Majuli was the biggest river island in the world with an area of about 880 square kilometers. In a hundred years of erosion, the island has reduced to less than half. About 1, 67,000 people live here doing fishing and in agriculture. Their pottery, handloom and mask making is simply amazing and reason enough to visit this beautiful destination.

Here are many cozy home stays in Majuli. Restaurants are rare and food served is ethnic. You will definitely enjoy the warm hospitality and delicious cuisine of Majuli.

Great Nicobar Island

Great Nicobar is the largest and also one of the most unique and beautiful islands in India. Great Nicobar has the southernmost point of India, known as the Indira Point. It is also a station for the Navy and Air Force known as the INS Baaz near the Campbell Bay.

Great Nicobar Island is an island that has its own mountains, rivers, biosphere with unique animals and birds and also indigenous people. Mount Thullier is the highest peak and it was formed due to earthquakes and volcanoes. There are many rivers with interesting names such as the Alexandra, Amrit Kaur and Galathea.

Most Beautiful Islands in India

The Shompen tribe has been living in this island for hundreds of years, away from the modern world.

This island is teeming with its wildlife and the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve protects these. You can see the salties, the biggest crocodile and reptiles on the planet which can reach up to 23 feet in length. It is also home to its own monkeys, birds, sharks and turtles. The weird little edible-nest swiftlet also lives in this dense rainforest and makes its nest with solidified lava. The longest snake in the world, the reticulated python is also found on this island’s forest. Research shows that it can grow up to 28 feet if not more.

There is no place for tourists to stay here but you can stay in any one of the nearby islands of Andaman and Nicobar. Plan for a day trip here and remember to get the permits ahead.

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Islands in India that are perfect for honeymoon


The beauty and charm of the Andamans make it a perfect honeymoon destination. Typically a honeymoon tour will take you to the famous Havelock Island and trips to Neil Island and Port Blair.

Most Beautiful Islands in India

Experience a romantic sunrise on the beach with your loved one. An experience to Andaman is probably better than taking going to exotic international beach destinations. After all, it has some of the most beautiful islands in India and around the globe.

Kavvyayi, Kerala

Most Beautiful Islands in India kavvyayi

Kavvyayi is a group of islets in the Kannur district. It is for those who want romantic experience in an undisturbed spot in the middle of nature’s bounty. The backwaters of Kavvyayi are gorgeous. Malabar’s prized destination, the Kavvyayi backwaters are perfect for a romantic getaway.

Divar Island, Goa

This is Goa with a more personal and homely touch. DivarIsland is situated is in the midst of the Mandovi River. There are beautiful sunset cruises for the lovebirds. On full moon nights, there is also the special romantic ride for the couples.

Most Beautiful Islands in India for honeymoon

How many islands are there in India?

India has a total of 1208 islands. Some of these are occupied by people and some remain uninhabited.  The count of islands includes the ones in rivers, in sea and in lakes.

Most of the islands are in Andaman and Nicobar, and some of these the most beautiful islands in India. The stunning Lakshadweep islands have total of 39. Kerala has 23 islands and West Bengal has 20, almost all in the Sunderbans area.

The islands in India are ecologically rich. Many of these have their own ecosystem with its unique plants, birds and creatures.

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