Mysterious religious places have a different kind of attraction than other mysteries. Haunted houses, unknown creatures and monster sightings happen seldom. But in these mysterious religious spots, weird things are happening every day, in front of thousands.

The irony is that even in broad daylight and with our modern technology, we are still scratching our heads. While some people visit these places out of devotion, others merely for curiosity. And yet another group of intellectuals visit trying to untie the mysterious knot.

Here are these mysterious religious places in India that will give your grey cells something to work on.

The scorpion shrine at Amroha

Scorpions do not change their nature. They will bite a hand anywhere in the world. But at Dada’s Dargah at Amroha in UP – things are totally different.

At this shrine we can see deadly black scorpions are simply crawling everywhere. Loaded with venom, this specie will bite any human in normal circumstance. But here they are harmless. You can pick it up and pet it. With permission, you can also take it home for a few days. No, these do not bite even when you take them home with you.

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Nidhi Van

Nidhi Van in Vrindavan is another open mystery. Just after the evening aarti the temple promptly closes its door and everyone leaves. Everyone includes humans, birds and monkeys. The trees do not grow neither do these die and have been the same way since thousands of years.

The Nidhi Van temple complex is filled with trees but no birds make any nest there. All is normal at daytime but as soon as the sun sets, every creature simply moves out.

No one truly knows what happens. Phones or hidden cameras have not worked there. According to priests, this supernatural phenomenon is related to Shri Krishna who comes here after sunset.

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Nandishwara Teertha Temple

At this Shiva Temple, there is a continuous flow of water from Nandi, the bull. The water respectfully and ingeniously drops at the Shiva Linga below it. Further it collects at a pool below. As expected, no one knows the source of water or how it comes.

Now most of us will give its credit to a feat of engineering. But here when it gets more interesting. This temple was dug out of the ground in 1999. Even before removing several layers of soil, things were perfectly working. The temple is at least 7000 years old. But according to our scientists, humans at that time we were just learning to raise chicken and make clay pottery!

mysterious religious temple india

The growing Nandi statue

Here is another mystery of Nandi, Lord Shiva’s beloved vahan. First the worshippers of the Yaganti temple in claimed that the Nandi statue made out of stone was growing in size. Then it was also reported that one of the pillars of the temple had to be readjusted to accommodate the growing stone bull.

 As unbelievable as it may sound, the Archaeological Survey of India has also confirmed it. After tests they concluded that the Nandi statue is enlarging by 1 inch in every 20 years! They say it is could be some kind of unknown rock that expands, but another sample of it has not been found anywhere in the world.

mysterious religious statue india

That door which cannot be opened

This is the ultimate mysterious religious place in India and globally. The seventh Door of Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple is un-openable. This was the temple in Thiruvananthapuram which got famous for holding 1 lakh crore in gold. It is believed that more is stored in its underground vaults.

However some vaults are never to be accessed by any normal human. The rule applies to police or VIPs alike. Especially the 7th door. Just see how scary the door looks. Attempts to open it have failed as this door is ‘magically’ locked with a mantra.

Perhaps some things will remain unexplained.

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