To be or not to be – a planet- that is the burning matter for Pluto.

The International Astronomical Union, IAU announced that Pluto is not good enough to be a planet in 2006. Since then Pluto has remained disqualified from the planet status.

Thus, our solar system ‘officially’ has only 8 planets.

But NASA planetary scientists are crusading. They want to give Pluto her lost glory on Earth.

One can see how emotionally involved NASA scientists have become with Pluto. Recently Alan Stern – the principal investigator in NASA’s New Horizons – has called the IAU, quite shockingly – as ‘bullshit’.

This has led to all the more controversy. Now citizens are either pro-Pluto or anti-Pluto. Pro-Plutos want Pluto status back as planet. Anti-Plutos think it otherwise and they have also been labeled as ‘Pluto haters’!

Anti-Plutos say that Earth’s Moon is five times more massive than Pluto, hence not good enough.

IAU calls for fair play among all planets to be qualified in the solar system. Pluto does not qualify its third rule where the sun-revolving objects must have ‘cleared the neighborhood around their orbits’.

Pro-Plutos like Alan Stern who heads New Horizons at NASA calls the IAU rules as ‘bullshit’. According to him, Pluto is a dwarf planet.

Pluto planet status
Alan Stern with his bumper sticker

But this dwarf planet has a complete atmosphere and a set of five moons. Pictures by Flyby have shown more on Pluto.

Pluto has 11,000-foot-high mountains made of ice. It has flowing glaciers which are made out of frozen nitrogen. There is also the probability of an underground ocean. With so much, it is as good as Earth’s little sister.

Alan Stern feels that the rules to judge a planet are inconsistent and IAU should reconsider its decision towards Pluto. IAU has, apparently, not shown any further interest in this matter.

What would you say?