Do you take a vacation every year? Need a holiday break from your office? Then you should know about these perils.

Vacations and travelling do something to us on a very basic level of being. They make us feel different, look different. Who has not come back better from a holiday. Then, these breaks and holidays are addictive. Although this is one of the best addictions one can have.

Vacations can make you so unreal in the eyes of the world! Here are top five ways how –

#1 Vacations will make you feel fresher and fitter than your colleagues


When someone returns from a vacation, the air around the person becomes different. Your office colleagues will notice it. For a period of time you will no longer find heart in office politics and boss mimicries because your heart is still dreaming of that faraway land.

On top of that, staying away from the polluted city life for a few days has refreshed you. You look better and walk better and you may make some of your office colleagues jealous. Bonus, your productivity has also increased. Corporate giants like Richard Branson’s Virgin are insistent that their employees take regular breaks and travel the world.

#2 Vacations will make you wonder about the world


What we go to vacation, we travel – we meet new people, see new roads. New foods, new tastes and new sights are one of the best ways to learn and grow. Our brain forgets the petty problems and starts to wonder about the bigger picture of life. One could say that our mind takes an upgrade.

We are amazed, we are lost, we rediscover – during a vacation. The results are that we become a better friend, more understanding in relationships and find out how to love more.

Oh so tiring, isn’t it?

#3 Spending money for experience only

vacation india

What is the use of going to gorgeous Himalayas when we can enjoy the winter chill at home? What is the use of scuba diving in the seas when one can see the fishes in Animal Planet? If we want to meet new people, we can attend a gossip at a big fat wedding or simply look through Facebook.

Perhaps we should save the money for our future. So that we can sit at home and buy a bigger TV. So that we can have more gossip and tea parties.  God knows why the most successful people take so many vacations!

#4 Vacations will make you a new person

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Vacations have shown to increase Intelligence Quotient and improve Emotional Quotient. People who take holidays are happier, healthier people with a positive mindset. They talk better and walk better because they are happy and satisfied from within. They are hooked to nature’s beauty.

They look for beautiful places to find themselves again. They want to blaze a new trail. One vacationer connects to the other vacationer at a different vibration than the rest. Without even their own knowing, the vacationer has become a traveler.

#5 Vacations will stay in your memory forever

vacation friends

You may forget the date of your anniversary but not how you spent your holiday with your spouse. Vacation memories do not go away so easily. These holiday memories stay even in old age, just ask your grandfather about his yonder day trips. You may forget the names or the dates but the feeling and the pictures will remain fresh in your mind.  Nothing tastes as good as a memory of a well spent holiday.

You may have a little heartache when you sit in your office and daydream of the cottage and the roast chicken. Or miss the time with your fellow vacationers. Do not say we did not warn you!

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