Who are we? Are we this body? Or our mind? Or totally something else?

If you break down any substance on earth, even the human body into the tiniest particle, we would see that all of us are made of molecules.

Molecules are nothing but group of atoms. Atoms are simply the building bricks – one by one, in groups, in lines, they are set to make a form. Interestingly, a stone is made of atoms, and a flower is made of atoms also. Even the human body is made of atoms, but we can see the huge differentiation between a stone and a human body. Could you have imagined that we are buildings made out of the same brick?

But these ‘buildings’ are poles apart from each other. While the stone is so lifeless, a human is the very essence of life. But what makes them so? That is the mystery that has puzzled scientists and mystics alike.

Now break it further down and the mystery deepens.

When we look at an atom, it seems like a solid. But when scientists looked closer, they saw that it is the nucleus that is so-called solid. The major volume of the atom is due to the electron which is spinning around the atom.

This put the scientists in greater dilemma.

This discovered structure would mean that more than 90% of the atom is empty space. Now if the atom is 90% space, and we are made up of atoms, it definitely implies that we are 90% empty space too!

This is a shocking discovery.

It means your hands and your eyes with which are working right now are less than 10% solid. What you see as solid and strong are exactly that – you see it so. It means that the chair and bed you sit and sleep on, is 90% not there.

Ancient Hindu texts also speak of the atom and molecule in detail and functionality. A human being who had achieved a ‘Siddhi’ could develop the ability to control the functioning of the atoms and molecules. This was without the use of any machine or external technology. It could be done through the control of the human consciousness achieved through meditation.

Unbelievable as it may seem, it is what science has discovered. It seems truth is stranger than fiction.

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