Meet Google’s newest craze – the Commuter Jacket. In 2016, Google teamed up with Levi’s to commence Project Jacquard. The commuter jacket is the first launch of the Commuter Collection.

The Commuter jacket is one really smart jacket – it gives you directions, you get a call in your jacket, you can listen to music and more. All with the brush of your hand which makes your jacket act like a touch screen. Just brush your fingers lightly and it will tell you the time.

It is real – although it sounds quite like a fanciful science fiction gadget.

The Commuter jacket technology works in a conductive fabric with a Bluetooth device that is attached to the jacket.

The conductive fibers are woven into the denim fabric. Machine learning is coupled with AI which works on reading gestures. In other words, Google wants to turn our clothes into a massive touch screen.

smart jacket Google levis commuter collection

On the left sleeve, the connected area has 15 threads, barely visible but good enough for the user to know where to touch. His touch triggers actions like it would do to a touch screen, which is further paired to a smart phone.

Sounds complicated? Watch the video instead.

The conductive fibers would be manufactured such that just like thread it could be used to make any sort of circuit diagram in our clothing. Levi’s and Google will be putting in newer and better sensors and designs for their truly ‘smart’ clothing.

This Commuter Jacket is available on sale for $350 only, which is slightly above Rs. 23,000.

smart jacket Google levis commuter collection

To run this smart jacket, Project Jacquard is the supportive Android app.  It will help us select what or how we want each gesture to bring up. Presently the User Interface is mainly drag and drop. Although it is basic, but it makes the jacket gestures very easy to set up and use. Additional gestures will be added later on so that there are more ways for us to interact with the smart jacket.

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